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My dick maybe large, but really only in your heads. I'm quite the average guy, from day to day life, I seek answers only to get more questions. And yes, I am that guy who fucks mothers.


Pinkie has become a regular at the corner store in Ponyville. Frequent visits and countless hours she spent on playing the Pinball machine named Discords Rampage. After setting the second to best high score on the machine, she set out for a marathon of playing Pinball being so close to beating it. Only to be challenged by one crazy chaotic god.

Cover image is of some guy making graphics on a Pinball Machine. Here is the thread he posted them on. Give him props.

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let me sing you the song of my people!

I think i better read it now.

2816464 When I was a young boy, I played a silver ball. Funny story, I wrote this while listening to this song pretty much all the time. Kinda got the idea from it.

sorry, my comment is sort of sarcastic. 21 years old but my head and heart is stuck in mid 70's through 2005.

2820264 Lol I found it kinda funny actually. Sarcasm is great.

I really like this story. It does a great job of keeping everyone in character while adding your own spin on it. :pinkiehappy:

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