This story is a sequel to Divine Indifference

For over a thousand years Atlas had been holed up in a mountain, working tirelessly on the only way to save the planet Equus and himself from certain doom. Alas, an unexpected event throws all his plans out of the window. He is running out of time and needs to find a solution as fast as possible, or everything he fought for might just disappear into thin air.

As the revolutionary fight of the gods reaches its climax, Atlas is caught up in a race against time. He will have to work together with his old friends to pull off a miracle before it's too late.

Cover art by The Spirits Demise thank you very much!

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When teenage Rarity decides to start calling her mother by her first name, Cookie Crumbles is far from thrilled. But Rarity's at that age where she'll do just about anything to get a rise from her, and making it stop always takes a bit of work.

Luckily, Sweetie Belle might just give her the inspiration she needs to fight back.

A little something that popped into my head and had to be written down. Just for fun this time, folks.

Cover art brought to you by WhiteDiamondsLtd.

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This story is a sequel to Duelists of the Autumn Crown

It's been three months since Sunset Shimmer lost the Autumn Crown Tournament to Twilight Sparkle and found her ambitions of invading Equestria thwarted. She's since begun to reform as the school turns itself around from the bitterness of the tournaments, and with a new deck in hand she's even made friends.

However, a rival school is soon to arrive for their annual cross-school tournament, and among the ranks of their elite duelists is a familiar face who's been investigating Sunset's mysterious deck. Sunset isn't the only duelist out there with knowledge of magic, and she'll soon find herself facing a dark duelist who seeks to use her cards and powers for their own purposes.

Together with her friends, Sunset is going to have to put the duelists of Crystal Prep in their place and stop the plans of her new enemy. It's time to duel!

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After Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Spike told her that the game was 'fun', Twilight Sparkle knows that there are no other options and has to play The Impossible Quiz.

This is gonna be fun.

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On a clear spring night in Ponyville, when the chirping of early cicada and flutter of dandelion seeds gives way to the lovesong of crickets and the tantalizing elixir of jasmine and lilac, one can see clear to the spires of Canterlot high above. These are nights without fear, where boogeymen take the evening off to play at hackey sack in the thickets, and foals leave their bedroom windows open to giggle away their thoughts of tomorrow while the warm breeze kisses their cheeks goodnight.

On one such night, He who is called Regret stabs a restless mare deeply. With the help of a motherly friend, she will confront Him once and for all.

The songs appearing in this story feature original lyrics adapted from the following sources:
1: "Vinny's Lullaby" Karman/Bagdasarian; 1985 (Performed by June Foray for the Alvin and the Chipmunks special: 'A Chipmunk Reunion'.)
2: "Dream a Little Dream of Me", Andre/Schwandt/Kahn; 1931 (Popularized by Mama Cass Elliot with the Mamas & the Papas; 1968.)

#1 was chosen for this story due to a fondness by the author. #2 was chosen because the author frequently sings it as a lullaby, too.

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Getting hit by a truck usually hurt's when you're awake during it. Not for me thou; I got sent to somewhere else by it. Now I'm in land of colorful ponies, as quite big, six-armed snake-lady with six sword's. And now I have some "sun worshipping" ponies after me... Because I'm different or something. All the while i'm just trying to survive. At least I got some friend's...

I am Naja, former human now in a body of a marilith. Known as the serpent of south.

Displaced-esque story Inspired to start by Hollow Shades written by Dilos1. Go give it a read.
Tag's and rating might change as story progresses. My first story here, chosen from several other idea's with a coin flip. Movie never happened in this world.

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After the whole text and emoji incident, Twilight finds herself more than a little impressed with how easily Sunset was able to handle that situation. But, as Sunset explains, it really isn’t all that big a deal.

Part of my EG Continuity

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My name is Sunset Shimmer. In my lifetime, I have overcome numerous challenges alongside my friends when I was at Canterlot. Whether it was the Dazzlings, the Friendship Games, the Everfree Forest or reclaiming my memories, I was able to overcome such obstacles with the help of my friends and those I cared for.

However... I never expected that I was to be needed again long after I closed my eyes and passed on. And in the time I was gone, everything changed.

Because that was when Humanity discovered the Traveler... had their Golden Age and began to explore the cosmos... and the collapse that caused everything from before to come crashing down. Now humanity and also those that I remember as my friends reside in the Last safe city on Earth. And with no way to go back to Equestria, it's my duty in order to make sure I fulfill my new role as a Guardian. As a new defender of humanity.

No pressure, Right?

A Destiny Crossover story set in the EQG universe. Something that I have not actually seen done before so I thought... why not?
Gore and Violence tags are so that you know what you're getting yourself into.
Destiny belongs to Bungie and Activision
MLP and MLP: EQG belong to Hasbro
Thanks to NightStream for helping me set up some of the characters in the story and also looking things over for me. You're the best.
Cover Art drawn by me.

Popular Stories tab reached on day of release AND a feature? You guys are awesome

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While pursuing a rogue Jedi Knight out in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, Galen Marek, better known as the Sith assassin Lord Starkiller, successor of the fearsome Darth Vader,  crash lands on an uncharted and undeveloped planet referred to by the locals as Equis, which was home to bipedal horse-like beings known as “ponies,” all of whom are Force-sensitive in some way or another, and are capable of feats that impress even the Dark Lord. However, things get complicated in a hurry when Starkiller’s master, Emperor Palpatine, sends enhanced clones of his previous apprentices to try to kill Starkiller and subjugate Equis. Can Starkiller find the light within himself once again, or will the Emperor raze Equestria to the ground?

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There are three rules of any good mercenary always be cautious, never underestimate your target, and finally always have your comrades back.


Twilight Archer, Pinkie Pie Duelist, Rarity Golem Summoner, Fluttershy Druid,
Rainbow Dash Barbarian, AppleJack Warrior, Spike Gunslinger

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