Lobo Solaris is the biological son of Celestia and Balmut Solaris, When he was young he met the Sparkles who were family friends of his family. He befriended the Sparkle children and their friends to the point they call him brother. the Mane Six girls call him" spike" cause like his father he has spikey hair. Lobo made a promise to his "older brothers" that he would help them protect their sisters.

When He was 13 he and his father got into a traffic accident and both die but as he died he shouted to the heavens that he will not break his promise. Hearing this Devil God of death who's name is Lex brought him back as an Undead and made a deal with him.

So to get his dad back and to learn to use his new powers to protect his loved ones Lobo has to work for the Devil-God of death as a bounty hunter. easy right?

But what's not easy is that after coming back His older sisters start seeing him more than a brother.

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season 9 AU! Can our intrepid hero ascend the mane 6, win the girl and save the kingdom? Of course not! What are you nuts? He's 12! Still, it'll be fun to watch him try!

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Me and my friend have Displaced as two Pokemon, only one of went insane, and it's my job to stop her, if only those dang ponies stop getting in the way.

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Given how well her first sleepover had gone, Twilight decides to try it again, this time with all of her friends. Things go well and they're all having fun, but eventually the discussions turn to the subject of romance. Before long, each friend has a story to tell.

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I fought many foes, but when a foe even Godzilla had a hard time fighting heads towards Equesteria, will I be strong enough to stop it? Or will I fall to the demon and to my rage?

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When Twilight Sparkle is summoned alone to Canterlot for a top-secret meeting, she expects the fate of Equestria to be on the line once again. As it would happen, she was only half-right.

The human world of Earth has lived in the shadow of Nanites, the microscopic machines unleashed nearly five years ago in a world-changing event. The multinational Agency known as Providence is the last hope in the never-ending war against the Nanite-created EVO monsters.

And it now seems that Equestria and the Elements are joining the fight alongside Providence's secret weapon...

An amnesiac, teenaged, weaponized EVO...named Rex.

Generator Rex Crossover, set during Season One and in Season 4 of FIM. Will have gore, swearing, epic action, and some romance. Some OCs are an added bonus.

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(Sequel to "The Price of Freedom Mk. 2")

Based on The Legend of Spyro Trilogy


Dusk Shine has been in constant doubt of himself ever since the destruction of his school 2 weeks ago. Many things happened on that day which could have been prevented were it not for him. What's more, even The Tree of Harmony itself, which is in fact a living being on its own, has chosen new Elements of Harmony in the form of his six transfer students.

Perhaps it's a new sign of how unworthy he is of being a prince.

The recent, and shocking reveal of Celestia, and Luna's retirement does little to ease his insecurities. Though the alicorns make it absolutely clear that their retirement is not based solely on the peaceful times they have been experiencing more than ever before. In the recent weeks that followed Tirek's return, they, along with Discord himself, have been receiving premonitions of something. Something terrible, and wicked that Equestria had prayed never to see again......... especially as somehow, it will lead to the death of their sacred pillar of harmony, itself: The Tree. Celestia and Luna believe that Dusk, and his friends are needed now more than ever to confront this dark storm that threatens to blanket the world in its shadow. But even though his friends believe in him, Dusk Shine still holds doubts.

Sadly, there is no time to settle such emotions, or come to grips with these great changes.

Unknown to all, a dark gathering has taken place in the hidden edge of the Everfree forest. Equestria's old, but not easily forgotten enemies are restored to their true power, and united under the banner under the Darkness that threatens to return: The Emperor of Darkness, Grogar. Or so he would have them all believe. The only one not fooled by the old goat's claims is Lord Tirek. And he himself has his own plans he wishes set into motion, despite the former "All-Father of Monsters" desire for them to join him in his conquest of Equestria.

In fact, the powerful horned figure has set events into motion that will forever change the fate of Equesria, and begin an ancient struggle between Harmony, and Anarchy that has not been seen in eons.

Now, with Equestria's greatest defense destroyed, and the torch ultimately being passed to the Student Six, Dusk Shine must prepare himself for the inevitable day of his coronation as the new, supreme ruler of Equestria. But everywhere he looks, signs of the great Darkness arise here, and in other places. One such being a new foe who calls himself "Night Terror" - and somehow resembles, and wields the power of the fallen Nightmare Moon. Is he a herald of the coming storm? What are his motivations as he terrorizes Equestria? And will he continue to keep our heroes busy with meaningless distraction while the true enemy amasses in preparation of the return of Darkness?

Far too many questions to be answered, and Dusk has none of the answers. But there is one thing he does have that might ensure victory against the threat that is coming for them: his friends. Whether it be the princesses, the girls, the pillars, his six students, his sister-in-law and niece - and most importantly, his brothers at his side, our resident Prince of Friendship will rise to the challenge, and face whatever threat comes his way.

Even if one of these threats is a pony who is also dear to him....and is now serving the great Darkness.

But even in the all-encompassing Darkness, there is still a Light within to bring forth the Hope of Harmony.

Friendship WILL prevail.

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Rarity has had a nice life. She met her friends, she met her special somedragon, she's achieved all her dreams business-wise, and she's been a trendsetter for who-knows-how-long.
When it's time to go... there's only one way for her to go out.
Go out in style.

Special Thanks to Ninjadeadbeard, for proofreading, editing, and for being a great friend.

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This story takes place in an alternate universe (they are humans, not ponies).

Twilight Sparkle is given a Scholarship to attend Headmistress Celestia and Vice Headmistress Luna's Princess Preparatory, a school for young Princesses int he making. This is because her brother, Shining Armor, is attending the school's "brother school"; Prince and Knight Academy, which is led by Headmaster Thorax and Vice Headmaster Pharynx. Shining attends because he is courting Princess Cadence, who is like Twilight's sister. Her brother, Spike, is with Shining at Prince Academy. Twilight Sparkle meets six other girls, who are born Princesses. They help her to succeed in the Royal School. But there are many obstacles they must face.

Meanwhile, at Prince and Knight Academy, Shining Armor and Spike have made friends with five certain boys. When they are asked to have a joint class with the ladies of Princess Prepratory, they fall in love with certain girls. Together the boys and girls strive to complete their years and graduate, working together to solve problems (and fall in love while they're at it)
(boys are in the story a medium amount but there's not enough number of tags to include them)

Ships in story:
Shining x Cadence
Rarity x Fashion Plate
Twilight x Star Tracker
Starburst (Starlight x Sunburst)
Sunset Shimmer x Flash Sentry
*I also ship two characters that might be in the story, Spitfire x Fleetfoot

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Pinkie Pie is a very busy mare. Between her friends and her family, her party-planning job and her world-saving Element duties, she barely has any time for herself. Sometimes she wishes she had some help.

This wish is answered in the form of a small changeling, lost and alone.

Little did she or he know what series of events this would kickstart, or the marvelous new chapter it would open in the party mare's life.


Cover Art and Proofreading by NecroHorse.

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