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Every since Twilight Sparkle became a princess, she has wondered if there's really a difference between alicorn magic and unicorn magic. So after a tornado and some spellcasting, something has certainly changed...

The main six seemed to have switched not minds, but personalities!
Will this event be fixed in time? Or will there be eternal chaos for the main six in their forms?

Cover art by RatingTitan2. Go check him out, he's awesome!

Proofread by HeartLinda, go check him out as well as thanking him for his proofreading skills!

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This story is a sequel to Nightmare Moon's Tiny Adversary

Twilight Sparkle is a one-kilogram pony, shrunken by Princess Celestia following her entrance exam to the Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns to ensure that her power surges would not pose a danger to the ponies around her.

She’s spent thirteen years full of hard training at her new size, facing the life-threatening experiences that came with living in a world of giants. To survive those thirteen years of hardship and joy, of learning and adventure, and of pride and humility, Twilight has challenged herself to become stronger, to overcome any obstacle.

After defeating Nightmare Moon with the help of her friends and the princesses, Twilight is ready to start a new chapter of her life in Ponyville. What kind of secrets and surprises await the little but powerful unicorn? Will this eventful town survive such an unpredictable citizen?

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Pump+It+Up - some of Pinkie Pie's setences

If I forgot to add someone due to a long time that has passed, please PM me.

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Books tell of many things. Wonderful fantasies and epic romances. Of what once was and what now is.

With Twilight now being a Princess of Equestria, she has gained access to many books not available to the common pony. Now she must deal with the consequences.

Special thanks to Proofreaders: Sunset_Sparkles, and HeartLinda

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