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The news had shocked the entire nation. Anger, violence, and even threats of war have erupted in the colony on the borders of the harsh Frozen North, all of it centered around the infamous city of Gueldergrad. If Equestria is to put an end to the chaos before it escalates, somepony must venture into the foreign lands and set things right.

A noble unicorn steps up to meet the challenge: Shining Armor. Newest prince of the Crystal Empire. Captain of the Royal Guard. The pride of the Equestrian armed forces.

But there is a lot hidden in the far-stretching lands of the Frozen North, and even more can it reveal among those who dare to enter. Things the valiant captain does not yet know about his own company, those who command him, or even himself...

(Collab effort between JLB and yours truly. Inspired by the video game "Spec Ops: The Line". Knowledge of the source material is not necessary to get the optimal reading experience.)

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Twilight Sparkle is called away to tend to Luna when she falls ill. As Luna grows sicker and Twilight more determined to help the younger princess, she begins to uncover dark secrets about the elements, the alicorns, and her own past.

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Not long after her release back into the general population of Ponyville, Screw Loose vanishes without a trace. During a search of her home one week after she was last seen, a video recording of her apparent final hours is found. A video explaining that she was being hunted by creatures which evaded sight. A video intended as a warning.

A different perspective on "Peripherals" by electreXcessive and Flint Sparks.

Cover art assembled from various screen captures and vectors, mostly from here.

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The following transcripts are of a journal found in Ponyville on April 16th of this year. The last recorded contact with the town had been 3 days prior, on the 13th, when a team under orders from Princess Celestia was sent to look into several missing pony reports in the area. When another group of investigators were sent on the 16th, the town was found deserted. The journal’s owner is believed to be the princess’s personal student, Twilight Sparkle. None of the town’s inhabitants have been located in the weeks since.

Nimbus Productions
Scribbler Productions

I highly recommend both of them.

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Daring Do has always had a knack for exploration. Usually, one should listen to locals when they promise to you on their life's blood that your next destination may be the end of you... But she was Daring Do, no way were a bunch of old stories going to turn her away.

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