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Dramatic Finale · 3:10pm June 21st

Little rebroadcast from Equestria Daily, for those who aren't following it daily. (Neither am I; I saw this through Derpibooru. :derpytongue2:) The FiM IDW comics will conclude this September with issue #102, the Season 10 finale. But that won't be the last we'll see of the Mane Six in official sequential art...

After all, how better to lead into G5 than G4+1?

I know opinions about these comics have been mixed. So has their quality. But I'll still be sad to see them go. This five-issue miniseries will hopefully be a suitably epic sendoff. Apparently the Volcano of Gloom is involved...

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Please let Megan be in this

sic transit gloria mundi

Aw man... I always had a soft spot for the comics. I'll be sorry to see them end.

Reese #4 · June 21st · · ·

Ah, thanks for the notification.

Author Interviewer

holy shit my butt into an ass :O

All the rest of the group missions will be single-issue also? Bummer, Zecora's two-parter was great. Nothing against the fancy Diamond Dogs, but it would've been nice if IDW had been able to make the stories last longer.
Let's see how this G4+1 plays out...

...Is that a canon ponidox?

Sad to hear this about the series ending, but it was inevitable, as we all know.

But at least we got Season 10, and I'm eager to see what we get from Hasbro and IDW that's pony-related.

archonix #9 · June 21st · · 1 ·

So, which one gets a bridge dropped on her head?

I second this! I'd always kind of sort of hoped she might get some sort of reference in FiM, but no such luck. I suppose it's probably for the best.

I didn't know gloria was sick?

Huh. Took them longer than I expected, honestly.

Hilariously enough, only 2.5/6 (sorry Spike, I know canon does you dirty but this is canon). They'd lost the rights to the rest.

Apparently the Volcano of Gloom is involved...

... well, now the only comic I want to read is Pony Joe vs. the Volcano of Gloom.

This makes me sad. Not only will this likely mark the true end of G4 and all our beloved characters, but also because I have been a stalwart fan of the comics for years. I still say they handled Sombra better than the show ever did, and through the highs—Feats of Friendship, Tia and Luna's Friends Forever, Spike's origin comic, pretty much everything by Cook/Price/Breckel—and the lows—Night of the Apples, Cheerilee the wrestler, Twi and Dash's Friends Forever—the whole run has been highly enjoyable.

I'm actually one of the few people that has enjoyed the comics fairly consistently, so it is sad to see them go. This crossover will definitely interesting though, enough to where I just might go back and watch the Gen 1 stories I missed just to prepare myself.

Oh, neat. Very neat. I may need to catch up with the comics to make it in time for this, I think.

I wonder how they'll handle it -- I don't think they'll go for the "G1 is the ancient past of G4" angle, so perhaps alternate dimensions?

Also, having watched through the G1 show, it's very strange to see the "G1 mane six" presented as an actual grouping of characters -- as best as I can tell, they mostly seem to be a G4 concept retroactively applied to G1, which didn't really have a main cast at all -- mostly it just had a very large set of characters with varying degrees of prominence. There wasn't a central set of ponies, and in fact most of the "G1 mane six" appeared in one episode and then never again -- most of these characters never even interacted with each other, as best as I can recall.

To be fair, they were non-retroactively applied by Lauren Faust herself back when she was a member of the target audience, which is how FiM came about in the first place.

It is somewhat bittersweet, but it's probably better to bring it to an end than have it go on long past the point it should simply for its own sake. Whether or not it's nowhere near that point, close to it, already past it or it passed it years ago is up to any individual, but the point is that an end is not always a bad thing.

Plus, I think it helps that, I've always regarded the comics as basically licensed fanfiction (and I assure you that's in no way an insult), and, while the relative amounts of quality work may vary between the comics and this site, I feel they fill roughly the same niche. And I think it's important to remember that, while official support may tail off (if not always permanently), a franchise, or even a generation within said franchise, will never truly die until the last fan leaves. And, if that ever will happen, it ain't looking to any time soon.

All that said, and as much as the comics have had their high and lows and oh so many of both, they did give us Tiberius. And, for that, I will always be thankful.


Mixed feelings. I've bought all the main-line comics and enjoyed a substantial portion of them. The uneven quality has often been frustrating, though. While it's quite clear that many of the contributors loved and respected the "property," the editors/publishers of the books most certainly did not.

I will certainly greatly miss the work of Andy Price and Katie Cook as a team. They were a pair that delightfully transcended the scope of the simplistic commercial work assigned to them.

Well this bring mixed feelings


It is somewhat bittersweet, but it's probably better to bring it to an end than have it go on long past the point it should simply for its own sake.

Agreed on that -- and besides, the G5 movie is slated to come out in September, so it's not as things are going to stay dry for very long. Realistically, Hasbro was probably always going to pull the plug before G5 made its official debut to keep the two gens from stepping on each other's toes too much.

ya know i dont think the adventures we had with g4 will never be truly gone, i think that year or even decades from now when the last brony passes on i hope i wish that when our time comes twilight will take us on one last adventure, or maybe who knows im not really some one whos a spirtual person but i remember a part where god prepares a place for us when we die for all we know equestria might be one of those places, im gonna take my time with my life though and enjoy every minute of it good times and bad

Is that a good ass, or a bad ass? :trollestia:

You're one of the few people around here who can properly appreciate G1 lore.

Well damn. They made it to their 100th issue, but not much past it.

G4 really is wrapping up this year.

Man, I'm so behind on everything. Procrasination is fun~ :fluttershysad: Haven't even seen Lofty and whatshername yet.

In all seriousness, it's no biggie for me either way. The comics don't reach this far, the fandom has been a mixed bag anyway, and my time in it even more so. Think of it like this:

When Teen Titans ended, Avatar was taking off. When Avatar ended, pony was... on the horizon, at least. Miraculous Ladybug, while a gods-awful mess overall, was at least technically a masterpiece in terms of the 3D assets. It, too, has its precursors and will have its descendants. Now pony is coming to a close, something else will take its place. And remember: art is becoming more and more accessible. We have free software, crowdfunding, social platforms where you can apply your craft and get feedback.

There will be others.

And if not, you can always make your own and become an internet hermit reading the stories he likes, because he wrote them. That's how Grant Morrisson treats his art, worked for him.

“Have you thought about luggage much, Mr. Banks?”

Author Interviewer

I need to catch up on the comics D:

Huh. I heard about the crossover, but I didn't realise the comics were ending. I suppose it had to happen, sooner or later.
She showed up (unacknowledged) in Equestria Girls. Does that count?

5538771 5538807
We have seen a bit of Megan in G4. As noted, she showed up in Rollercoaster of Friendship to call out new Firefly on her bullcrap. She's also appeared in the English MLP manga (Seven Seas rather than IDW) where, due to Discord-engendered shenanigans, she never actually made it to Ponyland. But seeing more of her would be great.

The Abyssinian mission was a two-issue arc, and based on how they're allocating the remaining issues, it looks the climax will either immediately follow or coincide with the mission to the parrot people.

Open to interpretation there. It's a shame Anon-a-Miss poisoned the well for EqG comics for so long; I have to think we'd have seen more interaction between analogues otherwise.

I, for one, have welcomed and appreciated the comic-based bridge between generations.

5538846 5538849 5538874 5538891
"Bittersweet" definitely describes my own reaction to the news. But hey, they had a very good run in terms of sheer quantity and a decent one for quality. Plus, we can always carry the torch forward.

(And knowing IDW's love of maintaining bygone properties and Hasbro's shameless nostalgia baiting with some of their other holdings, I wouldn't be surprised if G4 makes a comeback at some point.)

Strictly speaking, Generations #5 should come out in January. :derpytongue2:

But yeah, as I said in the previous comment, this is bittersweet at best.

I mean, I don't want to end up locked in a wizard duel with Alan Moore for decades. :twilightoops: But I do recommend checking out the comics should you get the chance. There are resources to do so online, and that is all I'll say on the matter in a public venue.

How far behind are you?


I mean, I don't want to end up locked in a wizard duel with Alan Moore for decades. :twilightoops:

Why do I now get the urge to go full Legolas and ask 'How about a shapeshifting duel with a friend?'

By the way, with all the remakes Disney is doing... can we get a slightly re-vamped version of this lovely old fight? Doesn't need to be much outside of a graphics update and maybe drop some of the cheapness of the ending.

Author Interviewer

I don't actually know who Cosmos is. :B

I've failed at keeping up with the comics, Spike got an origin story?


Eh, I misspoke. It was actually the origin of his name. It showed Twilight's first days at Celestia's school, when Tia asked Twi to help watch Spike. Showed how they first bonded.


Essentially, she's Discord's psycho ex-girlfriend... or at least she thinks she was his girlfriend.

Oh yeah, I loved that one! I think I remember The Descendant doing a blog post about that. Also I loved the idea of lobster people.

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