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    I have zero regrets.

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    G5 Pilot Art Leaked(?)

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    LAKERS 2020 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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What are the most interesting and important blogs and stories people have posted over the last month or so? · 1:48am September 7th

I’ve been having trouble keeping up. Don’t worry I’m not abandoning pony, just up to IRL stuff. Last night I dreamt I was hosting a bacchanalian BABSCon party. Here’s hoping for next year.

So yeah, lemme know what juicy shit I’ve missed. Thank you and I love you all.

Also please tell your pony friends about my PonyText service. I like making people smile with cute pony pics.

Alright, toodles

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River Shy posted a neat blog about higher-level math. It was a nice break from poly-ticks (Poly: many. Ticks: bloodsucking creatures) and had a short, if equally interesting comment thread.

Dunno, really. It's gotten to the point where all I come to fimfic for is political BS. I resent it. There's no joy here anymore. I miss the old days. I miss 2012.


You could have prevented this.

I mean, the most interesting thing I've seen in a while is a blog (or maybe it was a post to the FimFic Star Wars group) where I heard the release date for The Mandolorian Season 2 was going to be Oct. 30.

Uhhhh... Oh! FoME is doing a self-ponidox contest.


I dunno man, that's all I got. I unfollowed a number of authors here about 2 months ago when the political drama (gee aren't those lovely words to hear back-to-back?) here and over on Derpi was going down.

Well, I posted... um... Over the last month. Hm... Look, squirrel!!

5350289 It takes two to tango, friend.


Then peace was never an option and the venture was always doomed to fail.


Full disclosure: my transphobic and racist extended family members tried to kill me, I was evicted with my 62 year old mother at gunpoint, I had a seizure and possible nearly fatal drug overdose after the stress of all this led to me recklessly basically trying to kill myself, after which I was tortured in the hospital by being held without my consent for 24 hours, and I needed a year to recover from all that. I'm still not myself. I feel like I actually just died and am living out a weird nightmare afterlife hell.

I was also sexually assaulted and misgendered by the nurses and staff. They took pictures of me while I was naked, groped me, and made jokes.


If you think I'm recklessly bold, you should know my mother actually wrestled with the sheriff lady holding her at gunpoint and is still alive to tell the tale. She has these disassociative berserk episodes, and she's quite large and strong for her advanced age. I honestly wish I had her grit.

...Uh. Hm. Well, there's probably a lot that could fit that, but the only thing really coming to mind at the moment is a SunFlower series (which I don't even know if you'd be interested in) I-A-M sort of spontaneously started; sorry.

Hoo boy. I'm the wrong person to ask for blogs over that large a timescale. I get enough in my feed on a daily basis that nothing much lodges in my mind. 007Ben has already mentioned the contest, so that's out. Though I can provide a few notables from the past week or so, one serious and several very much not:

• The horror story of Estee's struggle with the American health care system continues.
• Jake the Army Guy put together an art dump of adorable purple dorks.
• Nico-Stone Rupan has an important message for us.
• And I highlighted some of the more unusual pony blindbags that Hasbro's ever put out.

As for stories, let's look through the shelves...

• Flutterpriest wrapped up DON'T CALL ME CUTE in a way that transcends its crappost origins.
• If you're familiar with The Owl House, Thought Prism's Extradimensional Owl Quest is a delightful crossover that's just now gearing up for the climax.
• MagnetBolt's Love Bites is a great episode-tone story and an amazing AU on top of that.
Too La Roo La Roo Lar showcases Impossible Numbers's standard combination of incredible wit and characters almost no one uses.
• TCC56's Be All My Sins Forgotten is one of the best and most innovative Anon-a-Miss fics I've ever seen. Certainly one of the best I've read, which is a much smaller group of stories.
• And if you just want silliness, Admiral Biscuit has you covered with Rainbow Dash Is Replaced With a Dash 8-40CW.

Who doesn’t love a nice post about high-level math? Thanks for letting me know about this.

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