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Creative Hibernation · 11:54pm Oct 11th, 2018

Also known as Writer's block.

I want to write for Necromancy for Foals 2, but my brain can't find the words or the motivation to do so.

I want to put out a chapter for everyone, but at the same time I don't want to put out garbage for people to read.

It's been a few weeks since I wrote anything and it nags at the back of my mind. I apologize for not writing anything. I'll get back to the story as soon as I can, though I can make no promises as to when that will be.

In the meantime, thanks to all of you for your support and your comments! I read every comment, even if people make a comment and immediately delete it for whatever reason .-.

When I get past this creative hibernation, I'll post another chapter.

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Comments ( 25 )

Take ur time

We shall wait

We waited some time for the sequel. We'll continue to wait for however long it takes.

and I'm out, hope the best for you but I can't stick around for another maybe.

I kind of understand that, I write sometimes just for myself. One day it will be all systems go, idea and words flowing like water. Then suddenly, the water turns to tar and all the ideas dry up. It's a little freaky how quickly it can come and go.

May I suggest writing it all beforehand and then publishing when the story is done? That way you can write when you feel motivated and not have to worry about publishing on a time scale. And then when it's done, no matter how long it takes, you can publish it all sequentially. One chapter a day, no worries of getting of getting it done because it already is done.

It'll also allow you more time to polish, resulting in an even better story overall!

But hey, do whatever you feel works for you. If you need a break and then feel like you can still keep writing on such a tight timescale once your muse returns, go for it. Whatever gets those creative juices churning!

Syroc #6 · Oct 12th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Hey, the story wasn't supposed to come out until October. As far as I'm concerned, you're still on schedule.

Try vodka

I can live with a wait as long as I know you're still active:pinkiehappy:

You're stories are worth the wait!

Good luck dealing with the writers block. I hope you get it worked out soon, since Necromancy for Foals 2 is a story I find most enjoyable.

Maybe some dwarves and copious amounts of dynamite would help get rid of the block? Maybe a diamond pickaxe? :pinkiehappy:

Oh man, I have totally been there. I have been there for four years. Lately, I have gotten slightly out of my funk when it comes to writer's block and wrote an entire chapter. I have ideas for another chapter, but just taking the time to sit down is hard.

Take all the time you need

you managed to rapid fire chapters once a day for about a week of more than two thousands words a chapter. I'm amazed the tank you keep your creative juices in hasn't imploded with the speed you used it up.
a neat trick that my writer roommate does to relieve writers block is first re-reading what you have once, he specifically said only once even if you wanted to make sense of something, and then... don't come up with ANY ideas. according to him ideas are like cats, try and give them attention and they flee from you like the non Newtonian liquid they are, but don't give them any attention and they come back like the lemon stealing whor- i mean... like the cats they are like. basically if you get a seedling of an idea in your head actively try to ignore it. kind of like DONT THINK ABOUT ELEPHANTS but in reverse.
I may not know much about ideas but i know a thing or two about cats so in theory this might work.

on that note, if this doesn't work then sorry for the false information, i was lead astray by my roommate and regardless I think most of your readers including myself can wait! :twilightsmile:

As the saying goes, "Quality over Quantity".

Quantity has a quality all it’s own
-Thomas A. Callaghan Jr
But seriously sanguine, take ur time

Spooky Scary Skeletons
Send shivers down your spine

Its ok to take your time we all will wait for you and we'll still love for this beautiful story you have written.

Take your Time,it will be Worth for us.

Take your time, dude. It'll be worth the wait.

That's what happens when you push yourself too hard. We can wait if it means your intact sanity by the end of it. Hell, I waited more than a year for one particular story to be completed.

Take your time

Your story is well worth the wait so take your time until you feel ready again we can wait. Frankly your story is one of the best I have seen on this site.

Seconded on this being worth the waiting.

Thank you for the update.

best thing you can do right no my queen is to relax and focus your attention on something else that interests you, we can wait for you we have a very long time and alot of patience
atempting to force it or dweeling too much on it will just strangle your muse to death...let it rest
in due time it will recover.
most important of all...don't write what you think we want, write what 'you' wnat to write never force your heart away from its desires for that path leads to the death of creativity and eternal stagnation of art.

take your time and write when you feel like it

as stated multiple times, dont force yourself, write as it comes to you.. if you force it, it will likely not be as good. so take your time and write as you see fit, when you can..

We believe in you, you can do it :)

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