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I want to write, but I'm out of ideas. · 8:04am Jun 9th, 2019

Anyone have any ideas?

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Well, what do you want to write about? Have any errant ideas been percolating around without really getting anywhere?

After ultimate 8 spoony finds himself as the god of magic in mlp world.

Ooh ooh
How about a dark tale of familial betrayal and framed murders with vampires and angels and and
Yeah I got nothin

Umm.... Cheese? I'm too tired to give anything else.

Snake ponies, a robot pony awakened by foals, a Pinkie clone that made it out of Ponyville before being sent back to the mirror pool, Screwball, a BioShock Big Sister turned into a pony searching for Little Sisters.

Hmmm... How about AJ's old hat returns in a supernatural murder-spree, vengeful for being just left in the trash, in "Made in Manehattan"? Just laying there, while somepony is found ded in weird ways.:pinkiecrazy:
Had it on my idea list for a while, after thinking some "possessed items"-stuff. Feel free to use this if ti inspires your writing.

Oh, are we just throwing ideas out? Okay. Uhm....

AI story, only instead of building one with computers a mad unicorn scientist tries to create one out of dreams by creating an artificial dream realm in which the Intelligence can gradually form in an organic nature before they're stuck into an artificial body for reasons. Only the AI decides it doesn't wanna go into the real world where everything is boring an immutable and instead finds a way to escape into the dreams of others! And then Luna has to get all Blade Runner on it, trying to find the AI before it goes from Angsty Rebellious Teen to full on Evil Emo Nightmare Freddy Krueger. Because of course that's where its headed.

You want something for a goofy short fic? Because I've got one that, as far as I can tell, has never been done before. You could do literally ANYTHING with Anti Guy from Paper Mario. Or Gourmet Guy.

A parasite which slowly evolves to integrate into the pony society? Or replicate and subjugate them?

Also, there are going to be ton of ideas here sanny, but unless you give us something to work with, you might not find what you want!

For example, what kind of story, grim and dark, or something lighter, should it be short or long. Just give us what you expect, and all of us will try to think of something!

fallout equestria artificial alicorn in "Normal" equestria like blood moon here would be Epic and a first
(blood moon is a boss from the game fallout equestria: remains )

fluttershy starts seeking out baby monsters (manticore cubs, hydra hatchings, timberwolf pups) in the aftermath of seeing all the baby dragons

Applejack eating an Orange in secret from her family because she secretly likes them.:applejackconfused:

Nah don't write something like that for Spoony, he doesn't deserve the attention.

I have a few suggestions.

1. A Story focused on Twilight and her friends or a group of OC's, containing and researching anomalies/abnormalities. Like in the Lobotomy Corporation video game. The story is a little hard to explain for the game, partly due to the translation work being a bit stiff. But essentially you could have the gang find and capture things that defy reality/normalcy. Contain breaches etc. And you could do it all, while not using the more popular inspiration for Lobotomy Corp, the SCP Foundation as source material.

2. A story about vampires trying to fit in with modern Equestria. Forced to adapt and fit in, you could have vampony/vampgriffin support groups. Vampires feeding from blood banks or possibly shifting their need to drink blood, to another addictive substance, like tobacco, coffee, chocolate etc.

I have an unused story title and premise that might be of interest to you, if you wish to do something completely off the wall:

The Portrait of Celestia with the Big Booty.

The entire story revolves around a priceless painting by the pony artist, Van Klop: Celestia by the Window, and the attempts by various groups to steal the painting so they can sell it. It’s vaguely based on the British WWII sitcom: Allo! Allo! set in Nazi-occupied France. I never got the story idea down just right, only the characters. I knew it should feature a lazy Sombra loyalist, who only shouts out the last syllable in the phrase, “Hail Sombra!” (usually out of sync with the other loyalists, so everyone can hear him shouting out “Bra!”) and Rarity, scandalously mispronouncing foreign words ALA Officer Crabtree, so she’s constantly saying weird or rude things.

have you writen out you OC's backstory yet? if not why not give that a try surely you have some ideas for it?
if you've already done that then a harem comedy is always nice, if you need something darker you could make all the potential love interests for the main charicter some kind of monster pony...its not as unique an idea aas it once was but its still prety interesting

What about a sphinx who explores the legends of equestrias past. That could be fun.

Ok so I have read through most of the comments that have been posted till I checked this and a couple seam interesting at least to me for instance the one by prysmkitsune personally I think it would be a good idea to wright the info of your oc’s Out so everyone can better understand them so if someone thinks they have a story to do with them your oc’s can be done justice the other I think might be interesting is the comment by shardfff as that seams fairly intertaning

Find some good dead stories and ask the author if you can post a separate continuation or if they’re no longer on fimfic just do it. They’re a lot of classic stories from 2014 that will never get finished.

But I thought it would be funny watching a pale nerd who has become the god of ether stuck on a Equestria.

How about a young changeling queen(more protoqueen) gets sent across reality to a different fantasy world. Well maybe a magic si-fi story. A little similar to you per changling story but in a world of magic and the character starts as a protoqueen


4 words only:
punk rock sweetie belle

The Price of Freedom. Do with a title like that what you will.

Actually that’s a great idea.
And that reminds me, I’m compiling a list of fanfics that are canceled, or haven’t been updated in so long that their dead.

If you’d like I could send ya the list once it’s complete.

Permission to elaborate on that idea?

Huh. I have a shelf full of dead uncomplete stories (or really rarely updated), maybe you'll add something to your list :twilightsmile:

Oh most definitely!
Thank you for letting me know!:twilightsmile:

Yeah that’d be cool, please & thanks.

Great! I guess I’ll DM it to ya?

Do you mean the character Spoony was controlling, 'The Avatar?' or Spoony himself? Cause Spoony is kind of an asshole these days and not the kind of guy who currently deserves positive attention. Anytime anyone talks about the guy, it's about how much of a jackass he is now, who wasted his potential and talent.

i just though it would be a fun idea . Spoony as 'The Avatar" in the (skits) becoming the god of ether getting back to britannia finding out the guardian left over 9000 year ago after destroying the whole world by casting the apocalypse spell over 10,000 time, and now it is Equestria in its early day. and now some whiney pale ass-hole is there as some god of ether. :pinkiehappy: oh joy :facehoof:

I can see what you mean now, I dunno if everyone reading could divorce Spoony the character from Noah Antwiler the creator. Since almost everyone knows him as Spoony and he went to cons etc as 'Spoony'. It's kind of like trying to watch anything with Bill Cosby in it, knowing what we know about him now. Or trying to watch any of the old Channel Awesome specials knowing all the crap that happened during them. Perhaps it would be better to use the basic premise of whiney pale asshole becoming a god of Equestria in its early days and how he shapes it?

so use spoony as a template for the W.P.A.

A noir detective story from the perspective of private dick spike. Spike has just discovered a super cool series of noir style detective novels and has just completed the third book when side character of your choice comes to twilight's tree house looking for magical help. Both her and her neighbors door mats have been stolen. Unfortunately twilight and the main six are out of ponyville on a friendship adventure. Luckily hard boiled detective spike doesn't need magic to solve this crime.

Film noir tone and language but light content and setting played for comedic effect. Contrast spikes imagined film noir narration with shifts in perspective to what's really happening. Could be a fun one shot and an interesting challenge to write.

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