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What about this for a story? · 8:08pm Jun 9th, 2019

Another 'Changeling on Earth' story, but it's more directed and less all-over-the-place like Pet Changeling? I really had no idea what I was doing with that one, but I think I could try doing it again with better results.

Also to clarify, it would be about Queen Sanguine rather than a different queen like Blue. Dunno if that would make it more or less appealing.

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Sounds like it's worth a try and a good idea overall

Comment posted by Queen Sanguine Dreams deleted Jun 9th, 2019

Sounds interesting to me.

Sounds great to me

Eh I liked the whole learning everything thing did in pet but I got no problems with the character starting as a queen or protoqueen. Would it be earth or a more made up world?

Just a suggestion. Have a bullet point outline for where you want the story to go as the first step. It sounds simple but it alleviates potential stress later. Other than that, break a leg/arm/whatever.

Sounds like a good idea. Run with it.

I'd only ask that instead of making an OC that just so happens to have your name that you instead just go full bore and do a Self Insert.

Sounds good but I have a different idea, what about a story based around the clones Chrysalis made. I think they died too fast and a story involving those tree clones could be interesting.

Hah, Sanny on Earth: The Self Insert

No one says it has to be the same earth. 'Sides, there's plenty of drama to be mined from a sudden involuntary metamorphosis. Just look at Kafka's Metamorphosis which... hadthemaincharcterturnintoagiantbu- oh my I did not think this through.

I say go for it! I'll support it all the way!

I’m a bit late to the party but I say go for it

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