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Signal Boost - Estee's Blog on Dearly Departed Followers (and other FimFiction friends) · 5:38pm Mar 11th, 2018

Estee is musing on the friends we have made in FimFiction, and it is well, well worth your time to go read the blog post and comments.

I noted that my first 20 followers and last logins look roughly like this:

Toafan: (My first follower since I started July 2012) Mar 3, 2018 :heart:
Numamor: (#3) Last Friday
Cloudranger: (#4) Dec 4, 2017
lines n stuff: (#5) Feb 20, 2018
PhysicalSound: (#7) 7 hours ago
Bad Horse: (#8) 36 minutes ago <- one of the greatest people to assist my MLP career
Abecedarian: (#9) Feb. 25
Thorax: (#10) Last Friday
Windfox: (#11) Yesterday
wallacethe5: (#12) Yesterday
usenglish: (#14) 5 hours ago
ForlanceAbice: (#18) Last Tuesday
Aelan: (#19) 14 minutes ago
nemryn: (#20) 5 hours ago

Quick Stats: Out of the 20 people listed first in my follower list, 13 of them have logged into FimFiction this year.

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Author Interviewer

Are the missing ones banned? O.o

4814401 No, they just haven't logged in this year, so I skipped them.

The time since last log in is something I check out when I go back to stories I like that haven't updated in a while. It's a little sad when you see a story that an author had put a great deal of work into just sit there unfinished, and no notice of what's happening. I realize that things can change for people. Whether it's things in their life, what they are fans of, or their motivation to still write; it's like losing touch with a friend.

It's always interesting for me to note, I joined only a few months after you.

So many of the people I follow no longer poni poni

May they be forever blessed.

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