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New Fic Contest: Wonderful Wonderbolts · 6:59pm Nov 26th, 2017

I thought about doing this contest a few days ago, but given recent events, I may as well go ahead with the idea.

The Wonderbolts are undoubtedly some of the show's more controversial characters. They're appreciated by some people, but downright hated in other circles of the fandom. They're either well-meaning ponies who're trying their best and learning important lessons alongside Rainbow Dash, or the worst ponies to ever grace Equestria and proof that Tempest Shadow did nothing wrong. Naturally, this contest is going to touch upon the former, as there's a disturbing lack of Wonderbolt-centric stories where they're the protagonists, and I feel like holding another writing contest.

Therefore, I'm hoping to see a few Wonderbolt-centric stories highlighting their potential as engaging, lovable characters despite their many flaws. Show me why the Wonderbolts are likable despite making a few missteps here and there, and perhaps the plucky aerobatics team can finally get some appreciation on FiMFiction.

1. Stories should be between 1,000 and 10,000 words in length. I'll allow anything that goes slightly over the maximum word count, but if you're unsure, feel free to DM me and I'll let you know if the final word count is acceptable. If it's not absurd, chances are I'll accept it and let you proceed as normal.

2. Two entries per person maximum.

3. One or all of the Wonderbolts must be the main protagonist(s) and show why they have the potential to be interesting and/or lovable characters. Rainbow Dash does not count among the list of ponies you can choose, as that would make the contest way too easy, but you're allowed to include her as a supporting character if you want. As for which Wonderbolt to choose, you're free to select any other member as long as they're part of the actual team. This means that cadets and the like do not count. If you're stuck on what characters are available, here's a handy list of Wonderbolt names, all of which have entries in the MLP Wikia or are mentioned in the list of Wonderbolts:

Spitfire, Soarin, Fleetfoot, Blaze, High Winds, Surprise, Misty Fly, Fire Streak, Silver Zoom, Thunderlane, Wave Chill, Lightning Streak, Wind Waker

4. It must be a new story. Only submissions published between November 26th, 2017 and December 31st January 20th, 2018 February 10th, 2018 shall be accepted.

5. Your story must mention in the long description that it's part of Mana's Wonderful Wonderbolts Writing Contest and include a link to the group page, which can be found below:

6. The story must be submitted to the group in order to be considered.

That's pretty much it, and contest entries will close on February 10th, 2018 at 12:00 AM PST. It's not the most complicated contest, but there should be enough room for creativity while sticking to a specific prompt that will hopefully result in a few enjoyable and excellent stories.

First Place: $40 or a Steam game of equal or less value.

Second Place: $20 or a Steam game of equal or less value.

Third Place: $10 or a Steam game of equal or less value.

If you choose the cash option, we can work something out via DM so that I may grant you the prize should your entry place in the top three. Anyway, I'll gladly answer questions should you have any, and I hope to see at least a few awesome entries that show the Wonderbolts as engaging and lovable characters.


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Comments ( 51 )

Hmmm, I have one involving Spitfire, but it's not exactly Bolts centric.

Well, there goes the story I was going to enter... Not sure if I have the time to write up something new, given my schoolwork load and my multi-chapter stories.

Can I at least enter the story as a honorable mention?

As long as one of the Wonderbolts is a main character and shows why he/she can be likable, you should be fine. :twilightsmile:

I might give the contest a whirl once my school is done for the year.

Hmm, well, now I finally have the means to earn money, but what to come up with this contest? Does a Wonderbolt fic set in the EG counts?

This contest was sponsored by Mana complaining about people complaining about the Wonderbolts :3

Sorry, but I cannot grant honorable mentions to stories that aren't part of the contest, as that wouldn't be fair to everyone. Nevertheless, I wish you the best of luck on your schoolwork and miscellaneous projects!
Awesome! If you do enter, I hope you have fun, and best of luck on your schoolwork!
Because EqG and FiM share a number of similarities when it concerns characterization, and since I'm all for interpreting the contest in a variety of ways, I'll allow it.

4735306 Hmmm, well, that likability thing is an issue ... :P

4735315 Eh, once in a while it'd be nice for them not to be used as strawmen.

Eh, who knows, maybe I'll come up with something. You never know, School lets out on the 12th of December for Christmas vacation.

4735304 I know Mana has their reasons.

Ha! Finally! A contest that I actually feel like I have something f-

Oh wait. I'll have to type it on my phone.



Oh hey, I've got something for this. See you lot on the other side.

Yeah, typing on phones can be a real pain. I know that feel. :twilightsheepish:
Nice! If you decide to enter, I hope you have fun! :twilightsmile:

Got a good idea of what to do, so I guess I'll be joining this competition. Bolts need more love, after all.

Yeah, the Wonderbolts definitely need more love, and I hope you have fun with the contest. :twilightsmile:

Sure, I'll give this a go.

If you do decide to enter the contest, I hope you have fun! :pinkiesmile:

Okay, just to let you know, I've got an idea and I will be entering the contest.

That's excellent news! I hope you have fun with the contest! :pinkiesmile:

An excuse to write fanfiction based on the Wondebolts? Hell yes, I'll be having fun.

Welp, I got one-thousand words done so far, so yeah I am having fun.

Would it be okay if the characters are anthropomorphic and if the story takes place in an alternate universe? If so, than I will consider entering. Even if that's not the case I'll work something out.

Because of the contest's prompt and meaning, I'd avoid alternate universes that stray way too far from the source material and stick with the MLP universe or EqG universe. While the Wonderbolts don't explicitly appear in EqG, it's characters are similar enough in personality to where it's acceptable.

Well, i'll still make it work! Just watch!

Hmm, I sense an opportunity to write Thruster, Mark IV.

Lewd stuff is allowed, or at least that's what I'm assuming you're idea concerns given the previous stories with that title. Erotica and the like does allow opportunities for engaging stories, after all. Anyway, if you decide to enter the contest, I hope you have fun! :twilightsmile:

Lewd? Since when are vaginal and anally mounted thrust units lewd?

Oh...right. At least there aren't any propellers involved.

I don't use Steam much or the money, but I guess I could entered the contest for fun whether I win or not :twilightsheepish:

Writing for fun is always the most important part, though learning new skills during the writing and editing processes would rank a close second in my opinion. :twilightsmile:


The wonderbullies are all the traitorous childhood friends.

Heh. Also, Moondancer and Starlight a cute. :heart:

Okay, Mana, one last question. The fic can include OCs?

OCs can appear in the story if you want. As long as a canon Wonderbolt is a main protagonist, you're good to go! :twilightsmile:

Okay, thanks. :twilightsmile:


Well, well, well, have I finally found it? The first ever writing contest I feel capable of entering...?


I have tons of halfway-done stories that I should be finishing (including one somewhat-featuring the Bolts), but for some reason, I feel a strong draw to this contest. Maybe it’s because I also strongly defend the Wonderbolts, despite their flaws.

Nevertheless, should be interesting, yes?

Good luck to all. I’m off to brainstorm...

Yeah, part of the impetus behind creating this contest was to encourage stories that highlight the Wonderbolts as potentially interesting and lovable characters, so you're definitely at the right place. Anyway, if you decide to enter the contest, I hope you have fun! :twilightsmile:

Yeah, it’s not just a matter of wanting to see stories like this, but it’s also the fact that I’m glad to have someone like you “promoting” these ideas. Wonderbolts get too bad of a rap, seriously.

I will say, most of the fics (I think you and I both know the ones) that portray them excessively negatively seem to come from... how shall I put it...

Screw subtlety.

Immature. Immature people.

The Wonderbolts aren’t cuddly personal therapists. If anybody expects them to be that, they need to go out and get some life experience.

I’d love to type out a whole rant about why I love and admire their relationships (even if they’re sometimes dicks), but that would give away my ideas for my entry. :P

I'm really happy you decided to hold this contest :twilightsmile:

I'm trying to stick to my resolution to only stick to working on the currently-ongoing stories rather than getting distracted with new one-shots, so won't be entering myself, but I'm looking forward to reading the entries :pinkiehappy:

Understandable, and while you may not be entering the contest, I wish you the best of luck on your projects! :twilightsmile:

4737016 Thanks, I would love to, but I realised it'd been six months since I last updated the story I really care about updating :twilightoops:

Going to be reading your new Chrysalis story soon as well :twilightsmile:

Ooh! Oh finally, some Wonderbolts love. I don't see it much outside of Soarin, and I'm excited to see what will come of this contest.

Yeah, the whole team could really use some appreciation for once, and I can't help but feel bad for them. They're not bad ponies when you get down to it. Anyway, here's hoping that more people enter the contest later on. :twilightsmile:

Question: I'm writing a Wonderbolts story focusing on the whole team. It consists of several smaller sideplots each focusing on a different Wonderbolt. Despite the "no cadets"-rule, am I allowed to have one of the sideplots (5 so far) centered on one of the cadets (Vapor Trail)? (especially because being a cadet is somewhat important for this sideplot)

As long as the main plot focuses on at least one of the listed ponies, you're good. A cadet may play an important supporting role in the story if you want, and it sounds like your story fits the prompt's requirements so far. :twilightsmile:

Question: I'm writing a story focusing on the whole team, which consists of several sideplots focusing on different bolts. Despite the "no cadets"-rule, am I allowed to have one of them about a cadet (Vapor Trail to be exact)? (Especially because being a cadet is somewhat important for this sideplot)

As with all the contests on this site, I'll promote yours on my profile in an attempt to get you more contenders. Good luck!

A good incentive to finally write that Wonderbolts story I'd been thinking of. Is there a problem in combining this with another contest (as in, writing a story for two contests at once)?

You're more than welcome to write for multiple contests at the same time. As long as the entry satisfies this prompt, you'll be good to go. :twilightsmile:

Been meaning for a while to write something inspired by this.

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