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AMA 2017 · 7:57pm Jan 30th, 2017

hey guys, consider this an Ask Me Anything for both January and February. It's been a while since I've done this, so I know you're all just positively overflowing with inquisitive goo that you need me to fertilize with my informative jelly. Well, not to worry! To all my followers new and old, these blogs are where you can ask me anything, from something as mundane as "what did you eat for breakfast today?" to something as deep and thought provoking as "what did you eat for lunch today?"

the answer to both of those is "nothing"; I'm anorexic.

So yeah, ask me anything; ask me about my life, about my thoughts on things, advice, or just tell me to fuck off, I don't care. Just use a question mark god dammit.

(quick fic-related stuff: working on a very-overdue commission for someone; after I finish that, I'll get back into writing my regular fare again)

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Fuck off? :rainbowlaugh:

But seriously though, how are you? Things in California still going? School okay?

4402809 Yeah, back in Cali. Starting spring semester tomorrow, got all my classes in line. Debating switching to a psychology major from my history one; you know what they say, after all:

"If you're fucked up, you see a psychiatrist; but if you're really fucked up..."

Majin Syeekoh

have you ever considered writing a homosexual love story between a bagel and a croissant?

And if you haven't, could you?

I have video games on the brain but i'll just do something simple.

Have you played pokemon before? If so, which one has your favorite soundtrack?

4402815 I haven't, and I will

4402816 I like the Lavender Town Theme. I usually listen to it going to sleep, it's very soothing.

or just tell me to fuck off, I don't care. Just use a question mark god dammit.

B...but RegidarChan... that's not a question...

4402829 "why don't you go fuck off?"

there you go
there's always a solution, you just gotta look for it

Ah, but that's not telling someone to go fuck off, it's inquiring as to why they they arent fucking off!:ajsmug:
Haha, nah. Here's an ancient dilema you can answer properly.

Who is undesputably, unquestionably, the best pone?

4402837 Twilight and Fluttershy are neck and neck. I love Twilight a lot just simply because of her personality, but I am drawn to kindness like a fleck of iron floating towards a magnetar.

Plus look at that face in my avatar, cmon

If we judged best pony opinions by avatars then some people on this would be in desperate need of therepy.

what would you think of shipping twilight with fluttershy? could it work?

?????, ?????? ????? ?? ???? ?


??????, ?????? ??? ??? ???, ? ???? ?

4402854 I think most people in this fandom are in desperate need of therapy

4402855 not only could it work, but it could be done! We have the technology!

4402862 lol who cares


Just use a question mark god dammit.


4402897 well what? you did well.

4402909 Hrmm.
What's your opinion on this video?

On a scale of Lyrabon to Fluttercord, how much do you love me?

4402917 the fuck
how did they do that

4402929 You didn't use enough ?'s.

4402933 the? fuck?????
how? did? the?y??? do??????? t?h?a?t?


4402927 [sweats emotionally]

4402939 How? Would? I? Know?

given a fair amount of people i know seem to have very, uh...passionate thoughts about it, what are your feelings about Uncle Grandpa?

4402971 I saw it on Netflix one day, saw it had a shit score. Read up on it, found out it had a dedicated cult and that critics and public opinion was unnecessarily harsh towards it, similarly to CN's Clarence (or whatever that show is about the fat idiot is called, I like that one too)

4402977 Clarence, that's the one. I've only seen a couple of episodes of it when it was on the break room television (on the occasions where some brave soul commandeered the remote and switched away from Comedy Central/TruTV and onto Cartoon Network), and it seemed...okay? Like, typical "fat idiot kid in a kid's cartoon" show.

Then I found out that the show director later got fired from CN on multiple charges of sexual assault. Which I guess explains the hate, regardless of the actual show's quality. Which, again, I've only seen a couple of episodes on and can't really make an informed opinion of it.

I'm not sure a children's cartoon has ever inspired actual rage in me, though outside of MLP because Dave Polsky should legitimately be choked to death with his own intestines

have you ever masturbated lying face down


the answer to both of those is "nothing"

same lol


have you ever masturbated lying face down

I have not, but I haven't jacked it in a few days so I'll try it out
is it better?

no it fucked me up

4403016 in a bad way?

ya, it gave my dingues a slight curve to the right that makes everything uncomfortable. in some extreme cases it causes erectile dysfunction i believe

Oh, another question: who drew your avatar picture?

Also, shilling in the form of a question: have you read my latest story? Because it's fluttercord and it updates once a day basically every day (excepting Saturdays, but I'm too busy crying while masturbating playing Dungeons and Dragons to write so I double post on Friday and call it good.) Because somebody's gotta fill the daily fic gap with Skirts jackin' slackin' off.

Let's say that I-uh, i mean this friend of mine, whose name is, um, Male Gaze, yeah Male Gaze. Let's say Male Gaze is planning on leaving an insulting note to Reg-I mean Reggie. Yeah. Reggie. Fils-Aime. Okay so my friend wants to leave an insulting note to someone who is unrelated to you. What's the most sick burn of all time? What's the best insult that's offended you, for example? Just for research.

4403026 kek


crying while masturbating

nothing wrong with a good crywank m8 I'll czech your fic

4403027 It's my second favorite pony picture ever, and it was drawn by the lovely Asian Pony, who is, ironically, Russian.

4403078 someone called me a fag online once
it was so bad I killed myself

4403085 Cool, thanks!
EDIT: Also, first favorite pony pic ever?

What's it like to be a fag online once? !!!LOL!!!

1.for what reason or purpose.
"why did he do it?"
synonyms: how come, for what reason, for what purpose, what for, to what end; archaic wherefore
"I know you're quitting school, but why?"
1. (with reference to a reason) on account of which; for which.
"the reason why flu shots need repeating every year is that the virus changes"
1. expressing surprise or indignation.
"Why, that's absurd!"
2. used to add emphasis to a response.
"“You think so?” “Why, yes.”"
1. a reason or explanation.
"the whys and wherefores of these procedures need to be explained to students"


Are you ready to buy Peter Silberman's new album on February? :duck:


Are you ready to pirate Peter Silberman's new album on February? :duck:

is it a solo album? not the antlers?

Will you be my Valentine? :heart:

4403139 I'll ask my boyfriend

Just use a question mark god dammit.

Why do I have to use a question mark

4403187 because I said so?



It's a solo album. He's definitely changed some

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