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Discord reflects on his new, reformed life with Fluttershy and her furry friends. He's not really sure what to make of it all, or how to feel about the fact that he might be... settling down? All he knows is that Fluttershy is worth a little order among the chaos that is his existence. Not that he'd ever slack in his duties as the God of Chaos! He has standards, after all.

30 Day Writing Challenge

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I know you can do it!

7891876 Thank you! I really love writing Discord and Fluttershy, so I feel like this will be really fun.

Yay! Let's write short chapters every day together!

Also, this chapter taught me the word "ken" which I never new before. Thanks for that!

Funny re-use of the "cries for attention, sustenance, and love" from Fluttershy's perspective.

Oh, very cute parallel between the birds' thoughtful breakfasts and her empty table. Well done, lots conveyed there without actually saying much.

Careful of how often you use "she spared a glance/a brief moment". I saw three in here. Great phrase, but a little distracting in such high dosage.

Great start! I like the switch in perspective between chapters. Looking forward to the next 29 days!

7891957 Thankya ponky! Fixed those little things.

Aw! ^.^ So cute!

7893874 Tsundiscord is the best.

"Hehehe, it was a funny prank based on a pun, and definitely not a way to trick you into touching me!"

7893884 Discord being called a Tsundere.
Why aren't we friends yet?

7897704 Well, now you've gone and earned yourself a watch. Thanks for reading!

Hooray, an update! And thank you for making the chapter a little longer this time.


Fluttershy frowned. "Discord! Scootaloo isn't a chicken. That was never funny!"

Still funny to this day!

I think it's kinda sweet that Discord has some of Fluttershy's model magazines. I can't wait to hear what he and Fluttershy are gonna talk about.

Poor Discord, having to give up his collection. Oh well. Nothing can compare to the original I guess. Looking forward to your next update.

I knew it! The moment the 'fashion magazines' were mentioned, I knew it. But...

... I agree! I think it's sweet, too. Fluttershy is just being too hard on herself, as always. Flutters, gurl, Discord dun care 'bout whether you look like that or not every day! He just likes lookin' at ya, and he doesn't mind a variety when it comes to how you look, anyways.

"The pony here isn't how I want you to think of me. When you think of me, I don't want you to see... this picture-perfect pony. I want you to see me as I am. I'm just a regular pony, Discord," Fluttershy said softly.
"Not to me," Discord said, far below a whisper.


Will Fluttershy be badass in this story?

I don't know. I have very little plan ahead of time.

Scootaloo extorting Discord, eh? You've got my like/track already, and this is only getting started.

Uh oh, Rarity is going to figure out Discord's crush! :raritystarry:

They really are so cute together! :heart:

Aw! This fanfic is so cute and fluffy! I look forward to more chapters.

Fluffy, you say?!


>Inb4 "not fluttercord"

Pinkie just likes fluffy things. This is basic pony science, people.

Another great chapter. Also, I like how you mentioned that Discord would give Fluttershy whatever she wished if she asked. Cause it's kinda true. I bet, if Fluttershy asked, Discord would give her the entire world on a silver platter. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

What if she asked him for something... and he didn't know what it was? Can he give her something he's never heard of before? What if she did that on purpose, just to be a tease?

"Thanks, Miss..." Discord glanced at her flank. A green leaf with a swirl of white in the middle. "... Mary Jane?"

Nancy Jane. :moustache:

7914985 Hey, Spinach Dip ain't no skyboat! :rainbowlaugh:

7915201 Now I want to write a story with an airship called the Spinach Dip...

Discord nodded and reached into thin air, producing a wallet from nowhere, and dropped the requested bits in a pile on the counter. "Thanks, Miss..." Discord glanced at her flank. A green leaf with a swirl of white in the middle. "... Mary Jane?"

Is she a cousin of Tree Hugger?

Discord froze up, smile fixed in place. A shiver visibly moved through his body, and he chuckled a deep, throaty laugh, "Oh-hoho, Fluttershy, I love it when you say that."
"What? Surprise me?" Fluttershy asked, knowing exactly what she was doing, but playing dumb. She secretly loved it when he reacted like this.
Discord growled an unintelligible sound in his throat that sent a shiver down Fluttershy's spine. "With pleasure."

I think my feelings on this would be best described in as followed: :rainbowlaugh: :heart: :rainbowlaugh: :heart: :rainbowlaugh:

It was just so cute and hilarious at the same time.

Discord paused. For who? A friend? Fluttershy was more than that. A... special somepony? He'd definitely just implied that, but that wasn't quite right, was it? "... for Fluttershy," he finished, a bit lamely.

Pffft. Nice, Discord. Real smooth.

7915421 Too saucy for the E rating? :raritywink:

That was so intense and deep and loving and angsty and sad and painful.

More, please. It was written so well that it hurt so good.

Ooh, the drama intensifies! My heart is racing for more!

Quite the mood whiplash, here. Adorability to angst in seconds flat!

...My heart just got wrenched in several directions.

I love this version of Discord already! His subtle awareness of the workings of the natural world around him is a nice touch.

The atmosphere simply shivering with antici—

And now I'm imagining a Discord voiced by Tim Curry. I am absolutely okay with this.

7920423 Nice work spotting the RHPS reference! Tim Curry voicing Discord would be really interesting.


Add in Scootaloo being the sweetest friend an ex-villain in love could have and you just tear the heart apart. And the chapter isn't even long and you managed to do this.

Quality and not quantity. So, SO true. Ah, my heart hurts.

7915989 Not saucy ENOUGH, more like, hehe.

(Seriously though, if a kid read it, they wouldn't catch it. Keep the sauce. I certainly appreciate the flavor it gives. :rainbowkiss: )

7920836 I collect the MLP comics, and there's an issue where Discord hangs out with the CMC, and it's pretty much the best thing. Great emotions are expressed, and that codified for me how well Discord and the CMC could work together as characters.

7920875 I've read that comic and I agree with you 100000000%.

I want more please! Will Discord finally accept the love between them? Or will he decide to do something drastic and stupid (like using his powers to change Fluttershy so she doesn't have feelings for him)? I await your update.

This is great. Really great. I'm generally not big on DiscordShy, but this is some good stuff.

This chapter, right here, is exactly what I was hoping to get when I started reading. Scootaloo clearly stole the show, and Discord stole it right back! Excellent scene, all around.

But what really stole the show for me was the bit with Fluttershy basking in the sun. It was a bold, delicate, and altogether beautiful description, so much so that, even when a god was struck with awe, we believed every single word. Bravo.

Hap #49 · Feb 5th, 2017 · · · Dawn ·

This is damn near poetry.



Oh, very cute parallel between the birds' thoughtful breakfasts and her empty table. Well done, lots conveyed there without actually saying much.

I was going to mention this as well. Again, like poetry. So much beauty in so few words.

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