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Author, former Royal Canterlot Library curator, and the (retired) reviewer at One Man's Pony Ramblings.

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Oh hey by the way I've been reviewing fanfics for five years now · 4:23pm Oct 21st, 2016

One Man's Pony Ramblings turned five today. That's 782 posts, about 850 total story reviews, just shy of a million individual pageviews, and 49 pictures and screenshots of Carrot Top.

Milestone achieved!

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Majin Syeekoh


My autocorrect wants that to come out as yaaaaaarn for some reason.

Well anyway congrats on the achievement.


... Huh. I just realized I've been on Fimfiction for over five years. Yowza.

Time well spent, I say.

Have a slice:

Of penguin-shaped cake on me! It doesn't have to be fish flavored, though.


My review of One Man's Pony Ramblings:

Impressions before reading: An impressive five-year run, but a worrying obsession with Carrot Top.

Zero-ish spoiler summary: A blog site featuring numerous posts about FiM fanfiction, most of them reviews.

Thoughts after reading: Well reasoned arguments and explanations, a plethora of quality content, and a comment section with engaging discussions. Clean and simple blog-"blog-format"-format style, with handy links to all reviews. Not as much Carrot Top as I was expecting, unfortunately.

Star rating: ★★★★☆

Excellent in all ways, showing no great faults and a great resource when looking for FiM fanfics. The reviews are often entertaining and informative in their own right.

Recommendation: Everyone with any interest in quality fanfiction can find handy recommendations and informative critiques at OMPR!

Next time: Equestria Daily, by Sethisto.

Happy Faniversary! :pinkiehappy:

Clearly, needs more Carrot Top.

Many happy blog returns!


Thanks, all! It's been fun--and I expect it will continue to be, in no small part because of people like you egging me on and stroking my ego providing the kind of support that reassures me that I'm spending my time not just on something I enjoy, but on something others can enjoy as well.




Four stars is way too high. I can see why some people would like it, but for me it went completely off the rails with the "Summer vacation" chapter, where suddenly there were weeks worth of guest posts. I mean, hello, "ONE MAN's Pony Ramblings?" Did you forget the entire premise there? Also, when the "Six Star Reviews" arc ended, it was obvious Chris didn't have any plan for what the protagonist should do next, so he just Macguffin'd up a storyline that was exactly the same, except it conveniently didn't have any definite target, so he can just keep milking it until the end of time. Meh.

Prediction for Equestria Daily: 3 stars, strong premise and quality aggregator but questionable waifu taste and bland OCs.

Author Interviewer

Yaaaarn! :V

That image is great. :D

Congratulations, and thank you! :twilightsmile:

Yes, five years of luring unsuspecting people into the dark underbelly of reading pony fanfiction.

Yikes, has it really been 5 years?

But congrats man! I'm sorry I almost never comment on your blog, but I read it pretty regularly, and I've learnt soooo much about writing and reviewing from you (the reviewing stuff is proving particularly handy in university at the moment, considering that I have to read through all the creative writing both my seminar groups produce and then make notes on it all).

More importantly, your blog introduced me to It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door, which is like, the best story ever.

Even more importantly, you once gave me 4 stars for what was effectively a handwriting exercise masquerading as a story. That was a good day :raritystarry:

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