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New episode (I'm gonna lose a lot of followers for this) . . . · 10:16pm Apr 30th, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

I hated it.

I despised it.

It was inconsistent, completely off-the-walls, and frankly, enraging.

Starlight? She's just the beginning. Trixie? Not remotely the entire problem. Both of them together? STILL not the issue.

I'll struggle through this video. I might even need to call in a favor for help with it.

I know. The whole world loves the episode except me. I'm sorry. I just hated this episode. So much . . . .

Stay quick, stay sharp, and don't lynch me. :ajsleepy:

Report LightningSword · 660 views · #new episode
Comments ( 38 )

I'm not going to get mad at you. You are entitled to your own opinion. Who cares what everybody else says. Including me.

i am here to beat you with my jewel-encrusted fabulous baton.

I see what you mean. We are entitled to what we think. I feel your followers will understand.

I did have some issues with this episode as well. Season Six is certainly an interesting season so far.

No one is gonna lynch, as practically all the other commenters have said you're entitled to your own opinion

You won't lose me, bro:scootangel:

Hey, opinions are opinions. I loved it, but I really don't pay attention to most of the aspects of anything. When I watch MLP, I just sit and think of Pinkie Pie getting diabetes.

Honestly, this episode was one of my favorites. Well, probably because I love both Starlight and Trixie. I loved seeing the friendship dynamic between the two.

But, I did have some issues with the way Twilight acted. It just made me a bit angry that she was "making friends" for Starlight. This was one of the episodes that reminded me why Twilight's one of my least favorite characters.

We all have opinions, and I won't bash yours, and I would hope mine isn't bashed by anyone, either.

All I can say is Rainbow Dash BEST PONY!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

I HATE Trixie, design wise, she is okay. But her personality..... UGH! SOMEPONY CUT OFF HER,TONGUE ANDNGET ME A BRICK!

Somebody somewhere else pointed out that while they developed Starlight and Trixie a fair amount, they took existing character development (namely Twilight's) and threw it under the bus. And why did they even pull out Vinyl and Derpy for this one? That was needless pandering. And can we please not make Twilight a spoof of OCD? Neurotic is fine; this charicature of a serious mental health diagnosis is getting a bit overbearing.

They could have done this so much better without making any significant changes to the plot. I didn't like it much, mostly due to Trixie's presence. Sounds like it bothered you even more than it did me.

It's alright if you didn't like it. Everyone has their tastes so it's understandable if you didn't like it. I won't say it was a god send, it was decent in it's own right. But you may have noticed something I didn't so I respect your decision to hate the episode.

Don't worry, you're not losing me. To be frank, I despised it as well.
Trixie, I don't know what it is, but she came off as still too arrogant for me. Starlight came off as naïve, and Dash was acting like a douchebag towards Starlight.
And that's just the characters. The plot was, in a way, too contrived.
Honestly, only the appearance of Celestia's 'bitch, really?' face and Cranky's question 'how do you get your mane to do that?' saved this episode for me. Only barely, though.

Haven't watched it, but there have been some episodes that everyone else has loved, and I hated...

If anyone unfollows you for this, let them go. If they can't stand someone expressing their opinion, let them wallow in their entitled safe-zone mentality.

It was okay but... Owl's well that ends well was worse...

I just loved the part where Celestia was so unamused XD

Just watched it. And I agree. It was stupid.

Eh dont be so hard on yourself. I mean, I hate country music. Individually and all that other stuff on daytime tv.

Firstly, you want me to colab with you on it? I loved it ad make for an enjoyable balenced argument.
Second, might I suggest you sugarcoat it with some good news?

3908528 Sorry for kicking you when your:pinkiesad2: down.

3908801 It's okay. I'm guessing you were just playing around. Don't mind me.

3908809 I was just messing around on YT also. I have an odd since of humor. ( Psst don't tell anyone but I am an flankhole ) but I do mean well.:scootangel:

To be fair, I just listened to the episode in the background while I was do something else. I literally didn't care for it.

I loved the Episode (probably because im a Trixie fanboy) But i think it's great to have an different opinion from everybody else

your right iam out.
i don't like when people hate Trixie.
so 50/50 i stay little longer.

After watching this episode, the first thing that comes to mind is how someone could write a dark or sad fic or comic from this because Trixie could have die in this episode if it weren't for Starlight. The episode was meh for me. I neither like or dislike it. For me the best thing was the flashback of Houdini pony (I hope I spell his name right).

I won't get mad at you. Mainly because it's just pointless, it's just a waste of energy to be mad at someone who doesn't REALLY deserve it. So I won't. And from the looks of the comments, others won't either. :twilightsmile:

So far. I haven't watched the episode.....yet. I have sympathy on what people think. I know some people don't like what you'll like. I understand that. I've had the most terrible few months of my life and I feel like I'm going to breakdown at any minute. I hate Trixie but I'm starting to like her since she's changed. Everyday has gotten worse for me and I can't take it anymore. Well. That's the end of my long speech. I'll be staying by your side so don't expect me to unfollow you anytime soon.

Honestly, I don't hate you for disliking this episode. I kind of suspected you wouldn't like it very much, as it was a Starlight Glimmer episode, and I know that you don't care for her.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it.

And hear I don't have D-TV to watch the show's with, even thou I like reading from this site MORE then watching the show. Please, somepony send me spoilers, I hate my self for not knowing.


I hated it too since it butchered Twilight's character

At least Starlight was there to point out her hypocritical bullshit

And Trixie wasn't suicidal; the manticore was trained

3908741 I actually got an offer to collab before yours, and I'm debating whose help to accept. Not sure who to go with. :applejackunsure:

im watch the new episode now wtf in 11:23 and 11:39 lel

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