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Fanfic's aren't  a strong area with me, but I wanted to be able to watch some that i'm following easier.


Something's Coming · 5:21pm

I figured I was done with Ace Combat/MLP crossovers, but recently I made a couple of bonus chapters to my Ace Combat - The Changeling War story, and I've been feeling a little inspired. I might just do a short branch off of that story.

If so... I recently finished watching a certain series, and and a few pieces of it may find their way into it also.

What series is it?


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Hi, thanks for the fave on Equestrian Horizon!

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Thank you for the favorite!

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Thanks for the favorite...though to be honest I'm not quite sure what led you to find and favorite a story I sort of gave up on several years ago.

Not sarcasm, I'm truly curious, since now I'm kind of tempted to revisit the idea and rewrite it.

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Thanks for the fave!

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