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A long... Long time ago, back before the Two Pony Princesses recovered the Elements of Harmony... there was a titanic battle between a Majin and a Spirit of Chaos, inevitably the Majin won and as a prize she consumed the spirit and was trapped in stone by the Princesses when they unleashed the Elements of Harmony.

Now, over a thousand years later, The Majin Destroyer is back and ready to kick some flank!

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Set in the "A New World, A New Way"-verse our hero, Mick, has to find his friends and a new home among the many races that populate the new world that Arceus has decided to forcibly move them to. Evicted from their original home, will our heroes survive and make a new name for themselves? Or will they fall to desperation and despair as the world crumbles around them?

So yeah, be sure to check out "A New World, A New Way" by ZeusDemigod, and all the wonderful side stories that have been popping up because there's a ton of awesome ones to see!

Tags and extra ratings will be added when needed, although I do intend to keep this below Mature.

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When the Half-Daconequus, Eris, and her closest friend Umbra Shadow-Walker get together, chaos definitely ensues, even if it has a plan.

A collaborative story with Jysrin, His main character from So... That Happened teams up with Eris to create general Shenanigans.

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