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heated debate

When i rule the world, i will reenact Nero's reign; the survivors will be given cookies.

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Thanks for the fave!

Well thats the thing, being indirect doesn't always work, especially when you phrase it as an insult. Also, there is no reason in the referenced comment that explains why you were looking at my user page, and were so enraged by my previous lack of grammar in my bio.
Only that you were frustated due to being in 1( or more) simultaneous arguments.
In short, be a bit more careful with how you say things.

1410769 I wasn't giving you a fucking excuse. I was making an indirect apologization with a reason why I might've possibly posted the first comment.

From your idea that just because it's a lesser evil, makes it okay. It was the most relevant example I could think of at the time.

1408695 Where did the last part come from?

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