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My Final Post on Fimfiction · 8:53am Dec 22nd, 2013

So I guess I might as well just come out with it. I did mention many months ago why I stopped writing, looking back now its been over a year since I stopped. I guess its time for me to spill the beans so to speak. The reasons I stopped writing was because yes, I was working on a little radio project called "The Inventory at KPNY." Who knew that this radio drama project of mine would actually turn into a "thing." Well as I focused more and more into that project. I took time away from my fics

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Oh they are going splendidly. I've been working hard with my new project and I'm very happy with the results! Unfortunately I'm still unable to speak of what the project is, but once it is unvieled sometime early next year I will definately mention it on here! And yes rest assured, it is pony related.! :eeyup:

I hope your life things you have going on go well for you! *~*

Thank you for favouriting Telling Tales. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Bad news. Our writer has likely decided to not write for us due to a lack of interest. And since neither me or her can actually get an idea started easily withot spending hours debating the first sentence the idea will likely just be dropped.

195266 I'll try. The writer is a bit wierded about combinding violence and mlp. Mentioned that there are quite a few fan-fics with violence that are good they are just balanced out with romance and comedy. Course then there is his injured wrist so we're waiting on tat to heal. Until then we're just finalizing the details. Such as the title. Want to know it?

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