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The weeks have gone by recently rather peacefully for Kiniro in Equestria following the events of The Missing Bard. However one dream regarding his old rival from Midgard has constantly been plaguing him in his sleep. Sensing the truth in his dreams, as they have guided him in his past, now very anxious and worried, Kiniro begins tinkering with his song magic with the use of his new Electric Guitar. Now he wonders, are their consequences to his magical endeavors and will he be ready if his dream comes true?

This is the third and final installment of Kiniro's Story Arc. Please Read The Guitarist, followed by The Missing Bard, before reading this one. Thanks! And please give do leave me some feed back for all three stories! :D

(Sex tag only for very suggestive themes, no acts actually take place)

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Red Spark had always dreamed of joining the fire brigade since he was small colt. Constantly running around the house making siren noises and using the garden hose to put out pretend fires around the house. After many years of chasing his dream, he's just graduated from the Canterlot Fire Academy and finds himself as the new pony at Fire Station 55 in Los Pegasus. These writings are his thoughts of the daily life as Firefighter.

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The months have passed since Kiniro arrived in Equestria. Life has been challenging, yet rewarding as he tries to regain his magical prowess so that, in the event of disaster or danger came to Equestria, he can stand along side his friends and his love, The Elements of Harmony. But as the days go by, Kiniro has an encounter with another guitar playing pony, who ends up knowing musical magic just like himself, but this pony's motivations are far from good. As Kiniro searches for the origin of this mysterious pony's power, he asks himself, if the mysterious pony knows the song of Ragnarok and Midgardian legend states only one before me that knew the song and perished. Could history be wrong?

This is a sequel to the story "The Guitarist" It can be read stand alone however you will be missing key elements. But I do recommend reading The Guitarist First.

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The Guitarist. Kiniro, a fallen hero from his world (Migard) was called upon to save it from an ancient evil that has returned. When he uses his unique magic to combat the great evil, he finds him self at his ropes end. But his time is not up and finds himself awaking in the land of Equestria. Now stranded and his world falling into despair will this musical magician be able to find a way home to save it and keep the destruction from spilling over into this peaceful land of ponies. But a lingering question remains in Kiniro's mind, why was he given a second chance and what was his purpose in this new land.

Cover Image Done By I AM PONY
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/GinaDrawsPony

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