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MLP G5 enthusiast (on break due to depression)

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    Delay for story sequel

    Hello everypony--
    The sequel to my story Sprouting Romance, called How to Tend a Sprout, was planned to release in the first fortnight of January. However, I am writing this blog post to alert that there will be a significant delay before the story is posted. The first chapter is almost completely written out, but I was extra depressed this past week, and also I lost much of my motivation to work on the story.

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I am a My Little Pony fan who adores Generation 5 most of all.
I like art and writing stories; sometimes silly, sometimes serious.
I am a huge fan of Sprout and Hitch, and I also love Rarity and Starlight Glimmer from G4.

I source any fan art used for cover photos, but please message me if you want me to remove your art!

I hope the rest of your day is full of wonder and peace!