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Decent writer who enjoys crossovers and is new to the MLP fandom. Bigger fan of the fandom than the show.

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This story is a sequel to I Forgive You

Equestria is now back in the war. The changelings have forced their hooves into fighting again. However, this time they make much more staggering progress. Time Keeper was called to action yet again. Despite being 43, he could still fight well. With new weapons and equipment, he helped fight for Equestria, along with some younger ponies. His time in war brings back some old memories. Some, were a little too realistic.

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Tensions continued to rise as hate between the ponies and the changelings grew. Unsurprisingly, it erupted into war. Both sides fought hard and then either side was going down without a fight. The war was now coming down to one battle. If the Equestrians won, the changelings would be unable to defend themselves. If the changelings won, they’d be able to push through to the capital. In this battle, a young watch maker turned soldier, Time Keeper, discovers out a dark secret about his best friend.

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Inspired by A Crafters Dream, by ruthim345. I suggest you read that first. It’s much better.

Steve, the last Crafter, gets transported to Equestria. Little does he know, the biggest threat to both ponies and Crafters is coming. Now Steve must protect Equestria. However, that’s hard to do when fate is constantly messing with him.

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