• Published 2nd Feb 2021
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The Lost Crafter - Jeffrey1000

Steve, the last Crafter, must defend Equestria. First, however, he must get to know the inhabitants.

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Chapter 24: Going In

“There it is.” Steve said as they gazed upon the town. “That’s the location.”

“There’s a saloon, a sheriff’s office, the county prison, a town hall, several homes, and several shops.” Stone said looking through a pair of binoculars. “There are mostly ponies, minotaurs, dragons, and griffins. As well as some other creatures.”

“So the population is pretty mixed?” Corporal Eagle asked. “That should help Steve blend in.”

“Speaking of blending in, we need to act natural.” Steve said. “You guys didn’t bring anything that they can relate to Equestria, right? No symbols, no tools only the guard uses, nothing, right?”

“I’ve got nothing.” Stone said.

“Neither do I.” The Corporal stated.

“Nothing.” Scarlett, Celestia’s assistant said.

“Good. Now let’s go.” Steve told them. The four casually walked into town. No one paid them any attention, which is good for the squad.

“Hey, how old are you guys.” Steve whispered to the two mares.

“19.” The Corporal said.

“18.” Scarlett replied. “Why?”

“Good.” Steve said. He signaled for them to turn into a shop. They walked over to the entrance and read the sign.

“The saloon?” Stone questioned. “Why are we here?”

“Acting natural. Besides, this is most likely where you’ll find these rebels.” Steve told him. The four walked inside. They sat next to each other by the counter.

“What can I get for you today?” The pony behind the counter asked.

“I’ll get a bottle of whiskey.” Steve said.

“And you three?”

“I’ll take a bottle of brandy.” Stone said.

“I’ll get some whiskey as well.” The Corporal said.

“I’ll take,” Scarlett started looking at her options, “a bottle of rum.”

“Alright. That’ll be 20 bits total.”

“Here you go.” Stone said putting the money on the counter.

“Coming right up.” The tender said.

“Thank you.” Steve said. The stallion turned to get their drinks.

“How are we going to find these ponies?” Stone asked.

“I don’t know. Although, I have a feeling they’ll find us.” Steve answered. He took a sip of his whiskey before looking around the bar. There were all kinds of creatures. They didn’t seem like the average Joe. Most looked like thieves and gangsters, but there were some that looked like pirates. No one looked like a rebel. Unless of course these rebels dress like pirates and thieves.

“So these rebels consist of only ponies, right?” Steve whispered.

“As far as we can tell, yes.” Stone answered. Steve looked for groups of ponies that didn’t look like gangsters. Just then, he saw two ponies in a corner, whispering about a newspaper. That, usually, wouldn’t be much, however, on the front cover was a picture of him. He realized if they recognized him, the mission would be compromised. The stallion holding the paper looked over at the crafter. They made eye contact for a second before the pony got up.

“Hey, guys,” Steve said to his friends, “I think we’ve got company.”

“Did you find them?” Stone whispered.

“Yep, but there’s a slight problem.”

“What?” The Corporal asked.

“They found us.” Steve said pointing at the stallion approaching. The dark brown pony walked right up to Steve.

“Hello.” He greeted. “You must be Steve.”

“So, you’ve heard about me?” Steve asked, sarcastically.

“Who hasn’t?”

“Fair enough. I’ve got a question for you, I hear there’s a group of rebels who live out here, you apart of them?”

“Why?” The stallion asked.

“I’m thinking about joining.” Steve said.

“Oh, I am a part of them, but I don’t think you’ll get in.”

“And why is that?”

“Because we’ve read the news.” The stallion said. Then Steve finally got a good look at what was on his back, a crossbow, just like the ones he remembered the pillagers using. He left his back in Minecraftia. The stallion pulled it out and aimed right at Steve.

“What article did you read?” Steve asked.

“This one.” The stallion said handing a newspaper to him.

“Interesting.” Steve said holding it up to his face. Little did the pony he was talking to know, he was pulling his fist back. The crafter rocketed it right into the stallion’s muzzle, knocking him over. He immediately turned for the exit.

“Come on guys!” He told his comrades. “Let’s go!”

The four rushed out of the bar. They didn’t make it very far, before Scarlett Shadow tripped and fell over. Then, Stone and the Corporal dropped, too. Steve looked back in horror. Darts, probably to knock them out, we’re in all of their backs. He approached his friends knowing he couldn’t leave without them.

“Put your hands up!” A pony yelled. The crafter did as complied and put both his hands in the air. He was surrounded on all sides. The ponies emerged from many places, crossbows and unicorn horns aimed at his head.

“No sudden movements.” A mare to his left said.

“Don’t worry. I won’t-.” They didn’t let him finish his sentence before they hit him on the head, knocking him out cold.

“Bring them in.”

Steve awoke do a bright light shining in his face. When his vision adjusted, he looked around at his surroundings. He was in chains and behind bars. He was in a prison cell. To his left was the Corporal and lieutenant, and to his right was Celestia’s assistant. He heard an unlocking sound and looked over at the door. In swung open and in stepped a pony with two guards behind him.

“Hello.” The stallion in front said.

“Wassup.” Steve said.

“Who are you and why are we here?” Stone asked, gritting his teeth.

“My name is Quick Hooves. As for where you are, I can’t tell you that, yet.”

“Quick Hooves, eh?” Steve said. “What’s your special talent? Giving hoofjobs?”

Steve’s comrades and one of the guards chuckled. Steve let a grin overtake his features. Quick Hooves, however, was having none of it. He frowned and glared at the crafter.

“Well then, Steve, if you think you’re so funny, let’s see how long you can keep that attitude up for.”

“I last longer than you think.” Steve whispered.

Without a word, the stallion turned and left them alone, locking the door behind him. Steve sighed.

“What are we going to do?” Corporal Eagle whispered.

“Watch and learn.” Steve said. He equipped his fishing rod and casted it to his other hand. Then, he put the hook in the lock that bonded his chains together. He twisted it and, just like he expected, the chains fell off. He knew the guards would get suspicious if they heard a loud clank, so he set the chains down softly. He began doing the same to his friends. He quickly got Stone free and turned to the Corporal. He started undoing hers when he heard something.

“Hey, what are you doing?” One of the guards asked. Steve pulled out his shield.

“I hoped you wouldn’t notice that.” Steve replied. “Because now I know I have to kill you.”

“I’d like to see you try.” One of the guards said, aiming her crossbow at is shield.

“Bet.” Steve said. He charged at them with his shield raised. One of the guards shot, but the arrow was blocked by his shield. The crafter stitched to his pickaxe and quickly broke through the iron bars. He jumped out of the cell, attacking one of the guard with his sword. He sliced right through the gray stallion before turning to the white mare. He held his shield up, waiting for her to shoot so he could deflect it and charge at her, but it wasn’t coming. She stood her ground but held her fire. Steve peered over his shield. He looked at the mare. He could see the patient expression that covered her face. He could, also, see the fear in her eyes as they stood stock still.

“Make your move.” Steve said.

“Why don’t you make yours first?” Just as she said, Steve heard a loud clang. He looked back at the mare who was now out cold. He looked to her left and he saw Stone standing there with a chain in hand.

“Damn this thing was heavier than I thought.” Stone said.

“Thanks, Stone.” Steve said.

“No problem.”

“Hey guys,” Corporal Eagle said, getting their attention, “we’re still trapped.”

“Oh, right.” Steve said. “Let’s get outta here.”

Author's Note:

I finished my schoolwork so now I’ll have more time to work on this. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed.