• Published 2nd Feb 2021
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The Lost Crafter - Jeffrey1000

Steve, the last Crafter, must defend Equestria. First, however, he must get to know the inhabitants.

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Chapter 5: First Meetings Yet Again

Steve was walking through the thick brush, slashing at the leaves. He had just finished reading the books he had “borrowed” and was now heading back to return them. He was a wanted man, but he still wasn’t a thief. If the truth comes out, then he didn’t want to be charged for theft. Especially not over a few books. The crafter made his way into the town. It was eerily empty, but he wasn’t going to question it. The sooner he’d return the books the sooner he could get out. Although that meant it was easier to get around, the last time the town was this empty was when Nightmare Moon was here. He peaked into the library to make sure it was clear.

“Good.” He said upon seeing the empty library. He quickly but quietly ran around to the door. As he opened the door, Steve looked around the massive bookshelves. They stood much taller than him, almost quadruple his height. Fortunately, Steve knew exactly where the books went, and that it would be a major pain in the ass. He looked at the empty spots where the books he carried once were. The library had no ladders, but didn’t need them because the librarian was a unicorn. Either that or Steve just couldn’t find them. If there were ladders, he didn’t have the time to look for them. He began to climb up the towering bookshelves. He reached the first spot he was aiming for.

“One down, two to go.” Steve told himself. He continued ascending to the next empty spot. As he pulled the book out, he felt it slip from his palm. Right before it left his reach, he grabbed it with the edge of his fingers. Steve paused just to make sure he had a firm grip on it, then let out a heavy sigh of relief. Placing it in the correct location he moved on to the third, and final spot. It was on the other side of the library. “Last one. You can do it.” He told himself.

Quickly climbing sideways, he made his way to a gap between the shelves. Holding on to the edge of the shelf he was on, Steve pushed off the edge and landed on the other side. Reaffirming his grip, he continued down. Finally reaching his destination he placed the book back in its spot with ease.

“Now time to head down.” He said. Steve descended slowly. With every step down he took he waited a second to make sure it was secure. He put one foot down on a shelf, and waited a second. When he believed it could withstand his weight, he removed his other foot. However, as he did that, there was an audible crack, and he felt the board give in to the weight of his foot. He used both of his hands to grab on to a shelf, but then, that shelf cracked. Having nothing to grab on to, he fell all the way down. He landed taking four hearts of fall damage. He looked up and could see many books coming down on him. He curled up and braced for the hits. One by one they landed on him, many not doing any damage thanks to his armor. However, the large ones did half a heart. He got up and quickly looked over himself. He had twelve hearts left. Quickly eating some bread, he felt the enhanced regeneration take effect. “Damn it, can I do anything without getting hurt?” He asked himself. Steve got up and quickly exited the library to head home.

As Steve was heading home, he heard hoofsteps coming from behind him. He ducked behind some heavy brush.

“This is where we encountered the creature last night, sir.” Steve peeked his head above the brush to see the Corporal, the Sargent, a white unicorn, who Steve guessed to be their superior, and around thirty guards. “Although we can’t pin point exactly where it is, are best bet is that it’s somewhere in this thirty mile radius.” The corporal finished pointing at a map, with her hoof.

“Alright,” the white stallion started, “let’s split up and search the area.”

“Yes sir!” They all replied in unison. The group broke up into three groups of ten.

“Well that’s not ideal.” Steve said under his breath. While he was intent on getting home in peace, he wasn’t afraid to fight. He began sprinting home.

On his way he, ran into a group of guards. Steve crouched, getting low to the ground, and snuck beside them. As he was walking ahead of them, he heard a loud crack. Slowly he looked down in horror. There, laid a stick that was cracked in half. Of fucking course. Well, hopefully they didn’t hear that.

“What was that?” One of them said.

“It sounded like it came from over there.” Another guard pointed out. He raised a hoof in Steve’s direction.

“Let’s check it out.” The Sargent said. “Get your weapons ready.”

All the guards nodded. The earth ponies and pegasi raised their spears, while the unicorns charged up their horns. The Sargent creeped closer, unsheathing his sword.

“Fuck it.” Steve said under his breath. He got up and quickly pulled out his sword and shield. Swiftly roundhouse kicking the Sargent out of the way, he focused his attack on the group. Two unicorns fired bolts at him, which easily deflected. Two guards charged at him with their spears, but were knocked back by his shield. Three magic bolts were shot at him, but he easily deflected them. Steve hit a guard with the dull end of his sword, swiftly knocking him out. He held off several attacks from his left, with his shield, while deflecting magic with his sword. He quickly rolled away from an attack from behind, and crouched down to hide behind his shield. For a split second, his shield stopped getting pummeled. He used this small window to get up, and Steve charged at his pursuers. He swiftly punched two across their faces, then he put his boot into another’s face. Taking a quick glance up, he had realized he had knocked out half of the the guards. Steve quickly turned, and started bolting. Several guards went after him, however they were stopped by their superior.

“Wait.” The Sargent said, slowly getting up. The rest of the guards looked at him with confused expressions on their faces. “Get the injured out of here. We’ll come back with more troops.”

“Yes, sir.” They said, as they started to pick their brothers-in-arms up. Steve used this opportunity to quickly slip away. Sargent Stone Hoof looked at him, with a look of curiosity on his face.

Steve pulled out his fishing rod, so to climb up the ledge of a mountain quick. He hauled himself up and began to cast his rod to the next ledge. As he yanked the rod to pull himself up, however, he heard a scream, and what appeared to be a large bird came crashing down on him. It landed on him with an doing a heart of damage.

“What the Nether are you?” Steve asked still confused. The creature looked back at him with a similar look. “You look like a mutated chicken.” It glared at him.

“I was gonna ask you the same thing.” She said. Steve could tell she was female.

“I’m a Minecraftian, or Crafter.” Steve replied. “My name’s Steve.”

“I’m a Griffon. My name’s Gilda.” She responded.

“Cool. Now would you mind getting off of me?” Steve asked.

“Hey, I wasn’t the one who pulled me down on you.” She shot back.

“Fair enough. But still, could you please get off me.”

“Fine.” She said getting up.

“Thanks.” Steve said getting up. When they both stood up straight, Steve was much taller than her, almost double her size. “While I enjoy a good chat,” Steve said tone laced with sarcasm, “I really have to get going. Got the fucking guard on my ass.”

“Wait, what?” She said. “You got the what on your ass?”

“Well, the guard’s after me for a crime I didn’t commit.” Steve explained. “It’s a long story, so I probably don’t have the time explain it.”

“Ok?” She said in a questioning tone.

“Anyways, I gotta go. See ya.” He said giving her a little salute. He pulled out his rod again and began his ascent again.

Gilda shook her head quickly before she took off again.

Sargent Stone Hoof sat at his quarters alone as he thought to himself. It had been a while since they had fought the creature, and the sun had gone down about an hour ago.

“Why didn’t he kill us?” He questioned. The creature had a sword, and clearly outmatched them. So why didn’t he kill him. “Some day I’ll get to the bottom of this.” He told himself.

Author's Note:

Guess who’s back? It’s Jeffrey, back again with another chapter. Also sorry it’s late. School’s kicking me in the ass. I’m probably be getting chapters out once every 1-2 weeks.