• Published 2nd Feb 2021
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The Lost Crafter - Jeffrey1000

Steve, the last Crafter, must defend Equestria. First, however, he must get to know the inhabitants.

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Chapter 1: Waking Up

Author's Note:

Hello there anyone reading this crap story. This is my first Minecraft and MLP crossover. Don’t expect it to be too good (for now, hopefully).

Steve rose up off the ground. The last thing he remembered was sleeping to escape some skeletons that were shooting at him. However, there he was safe in his house. He didn’t even think he was in his world anymore. There were different materials and everything looked so... not blocky. Shapes of all sorts were everywhere.

I must be in another dimension... or am I dreaming?

While he was lost in his thoughts an arrow hit him straight in the shoulder doing eight hearts. He looked to see where it came from. There, the Crafter, spotted those damn skeletons he was running from earlier. He quickly got behind a rock so he could see what he had on him.

His diamond sword, which was enchanted with smite lll and unbreaking ll, his bow which was enchanted with power ll, unbreaking lll, and mending, one stack of arrows, his diamond axe and pickaxe, both enchanted with unbreaking ll, everything he had from his last mining expedition, which included 45 iron ore, two stacks of coal, two stacks of cobblestone, 32 gold ore, and 27 diamonds. He also had his shield, fishing rod, 28 ender pearls, a bucket of lava and one of water, a stack of wooden logs, his diamond armor, which was all enchanted with protection lll and unbreaking ll, 59 cooked beef, 23 cooked pork chop, 10 cooked chicken, 44 bread, and his various potions and potion materials.

Well, if I’m lost at least I have a lot of stuff on me, Steve told himself. He could hear the bones of the skeletons coming closer to him. Quickly equipping the armor he turned to fire back at the skeletons. The first shot landed hitting the skeleton back a little bit, but doing a lot of damage. He ducked to avoid another arrow that whizzed right over his head. He got a quick look to see the three skeletons that were shooting at him. They weren’t burning in the daylight because of the thick canopy.

“Fuck.” He said as an arrow nearly missed his side. He turned and got another shot off, killing the first skeleton. He turned to the one on his left. That one shot at him but he ducked, avoiding it. He quickly got up
and shot it. Before he could get another shot off, the other one shot him in the arm. This caused him to send his second shot sailing high. Th hit hurt like Nether but he could take it. His proc llll armor also helped. He quickly shot the one he was aiming at, killing it and then unsheathed his sword. He jumped the rock he was hiding behind and charged at the skeleton. He dodged one arrow and then another and another before he was right on top of the skeleton, getting the easy kill.

He took a deep breath and ate some of the beef he had on him. He felt the feeling of regeneration and looked at his wounds. Now he was back to full health.

“I need to find a way home.” He said to himself in a hushed voice. “First I have to find out where the Nether-“ he was cutoff mid-sentence by a blue blur that struck him right in the chest.

“Ow, what the fuck!” He yelled at his attacker. He saw a blue pegasus. But aren’t pegasi supposed to be myths?

“Hey Twilight, I found the creature that shot Applejack!” She shouted back to her friend.

I didn’t shoot anyone. Unless...

He then realized what had happened.

“Woah, woah, woah,” he responded, “calm down. It was an accident. I wasn’t aiming for her.”

“Yeah, right.” She replied. “Then what were you aiming at?”


“And where are these monsters?”

“Dead. I killed them.”

“Then where are their bodies?”

Bodies, Steve thought to himself, there are never bodies.

“What do you mean bodies?” He asked.

“Are you stupid. I mean the bodies of the monsters.”

Steve froze in thought. He had no proof he was innocent. What could he do? Running would make things look more suspicious, but he’d rather do that than deal with this mess.

“The bodies are over there.” He said pointing behind the prismatic mare. She quickly whirled around scanning the area. There was nothing there. Rainbow Dash turned back around to see the strange creature gone.

“Where the buck did he go?” She asked herself. Meanwhile, Steve, who pearled away, was halfway across the forest.

“I knew these would come in handy.” He said looking at his pearls. “Now for a place to set up a little base.”

The six Elements of Harmony were standing in the hospital. Well, five of them were. The last one, Applejack, was sprawled out on the hospital bed.

“Her wounds aren’t serious.” The doctor told them. “She was hit just above her foot. It isn’t too bad.”

“Good to hear.” Twilight said. Then, the doctor left the six in the room alone. The librarian turned to Rainbow Dash. “Dash, what caused this.”

“It was a weird ape, with no hair. He escaped, and I think he is a threat to pony kind. You should tell the princesses.”

“I already started.” She said. “I just need the details.”

“He’s tall, muscular, tan, wears a light blue top with dark blue bottom, and has brown hair with a short beard.”

“Anything else?”

“He has a sword and bow and arrows. He also has some kind of armor.”

“Thank you, I will let the princesses know right away.” Twilight informed her. “Hopefully the Royal Guards can stop him.”

“Yeah.” Rainbow agreed.

Then, they heard a small groan.

“Applejack?” Twilight asked.

“Ah, buck that hurts.” Applejack stated. She looked around to see she was in hospital room. “Wait, where am ah? What happened?”

“You were shot by a strange creature and then passed out after losing a substantial amount of blood.” Twilight explained.

“Strange creature?” Applejack asked. “What do ya mean?”

Rainbow Dash said the details yet again.

“He escaped, somehow.” She finished.

“A’ll be on the lookout for him.” Applejack said.

Elsewhere, Steve was finishing his little “base”. It was more of a cave at this point.

“There we go.” He said destroying one last piece of stone. “That should be good enough. Well, at least for tonight.”

He placed his bed down and went to sleep.