• Published 2nd Feb 2021
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The Lost Crafter - Jeffrey1000

Steve, the last Crafter, must defend Equestria. First, however, he must get to know the inhabitants.

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Chapter 25: Breaking Out

Steve killed two guards standing just outside the brig. He tossed two more crossbows back to the two mares.

“All clear.” Steve said. “Let’s move.”

The lieutenant rolled out and checked the right. The Corporal did the same, but checked the left. Steve and Scarlett brought up the rear. Steve used two fingers to signal them to continue right. They all nodded in compliance. Lieutenant Stone led the way, Steve was right behind him and the two mares covered the rear. Stone stopped at a door. He looked at Steve, a questioning expression on his face.

“We go in, crossbows raised. If anyone sees us, shoot them.” Steve said.

“Yes, sir.” Stone said. All four of them put an arrow in their crossbow.

“On three.” Steve whispered. “One. Two. Three!” He yelled out.

The four busted through the door bows raised up. Just as they expected there were ponies on the other side. Stone shot first taking one down. Steve shot another guard. They dived away from the door, scrambling to find cover. Steve hid behind several crates. He looked at his surroundings. The room they were in was large, about the size of a warehouse. If he had to guess it was some sort of storage facility or large garage, although the amount of large crates in it suggested it was the first. He looked at the enemy. There were around ten of them, and they were all ducking behind cover as well. Steve saw one try and make a run for the door. He loaded his bow, and shot the pony in the back. His comrades were also hiding behind cover, however, they were more pinned. None of them could get a good shot off. He looked at Scarlett Shadow. He signaled for her to fall back and get behind several boxes. She made a quick run and was able to get safely behind cover. Now she had a better look at the enemy.

“Cover me!” Steve ordered. She nodded and rose above the cover. Steve emerged from his cover crossbow in one hand sword in the other. He shot one pony before blocking an arrow headed right for his chest. The crafter dived behind some more crates before quickly loading the crossbow. He jumped over the crates and shot another pony. He picked up the dead stallion’s crossbow and shot yet another pony. Now duel wielding crossbows, he ducked behind cover and loaded them both. The lieutenant emerged from his cover as well and shot a pony that was trying to rush Steve. The Corporal shot another pony before hiding behind cover to avoid several arrows. Steve poked out of his cover and shot both his crossbows at the same time, killing two more. He turned to his right, to see two ponies aiming right at him. A split-second before they shot him, two arrows came flying at them, killing them both. He turned back to see the lieutenant and Celestia’s assistant aiming at the bodies.

“Thanks guys.” He said.

“No problem.” Scarlett said.

“Let’s get moving.” The lieutenant ordered. “We still have an engineer to find.”

“Right.” Steve remembered. “Let’s go.”

“Two more up ahead.” Steve said to Stone, before the duo shot the two rebels.

“How are we going to find this guy?” Scarlett asked. “This base is huge. At this rate we’ll have to kill every rebel here before we find him.”

“Well, at least they don’t have an alarm system.” Steve said. “That’ll make killing them a lot easier.”

“True.” Stone said. “But that won’t make finding him any easier.”

“Guys,” the Corporal cut in, “this is the fifth time we’ve had this discussion. Talking won’t help us find him.”

“Right.” Steve said, remembering the task at hand. “Let’s check this room.”

The four kicked the door off its hinges and raised their crossbows at eye level. The room was mostly empty, save for a desk and some drawers, but there was one thing inside that caught their attention. It was a pony. He looked just like Iron Hooves. He leaned away from the door, trembling with fear.

“Hello.” Steve said.

“Who the buck are you?!” The stallion asked.

“My name is Steve, and I am leading this squad to rescue you.” The crafter said. “We’re not going to hurt you. Are you Iron Hooves?”

“Yes.” The young stallion said.

Steve let a sigh of relief escape him. While they didn’t show it, Steve could tell his comrades, also, felt relieved.

“We got him.” Stone said smiling.

“Now we need to get him out of here.” Corporal Eagle said.

“Come on, let’s go.” The crafter told the stallion.

They turned to leave the room but were stopped by a bloodcurdling scream. The source was the Corporal, and she had an arrow sticking out of one of her shoulder blades.

“Corporal!” The Sargent cried out. He ran to the wounded mare. Steve reacted quickly, standing between the shooter and the injured. He gritted his teeth when he saw who shot her.

“Quick Hooves.” He said under his breath.

“I see you’ve finally found your friend.” He said. He was accompanied by two guards.

“It took a while.” Steve responded. “We’ve been fighting your shit security for an hour or so.”

“Impressive.” The stallion responded holding his grin. “Unfortunately for you, this is where your journey ends.”

“Forget about it. It’s a four on three.” Steve said.

“Oh, you think you can win that easily? Well, let me show you why they call me Quick Hooves.”

“What are you going to do? Jerk m-.”

“No. And stop the jokes.”

“Aw, you’re no fun.” Steve joked. He got in a fighting stance. “Come on. Just you and me.”

“Alright.” The stallion responded. “Let’s do this.”

The two charged at each other. Quick Hooves went for the attack first. Steve, however, ducked under his hooves and countered with an uppercut. The stallion was sent flying back, but he quickly recovered. Now Steve went on the charge. He ran up to him and did a roundhouse kick, that the pony blocked. However, Steve’s kick pushed his hooves out of the way, so Steve could come around again with a punch. He knocked the stallion off his hooves, again, but this time he wouldn’t let him get up. Steve kicked the hoof he was using to get up. Then, the crafter put a foot on him before pulling out his sword.

“Surrender.” He said coldly.

“Never!” Quick Hooves replied. He signaled for his guards to shoot at Steve. The crafter reacted quickly and blocked both shots with his sword, before turning back to the now standing stallion.

“Lieutenant!” Steve called out to his friend. “Take care of the guards!”

“Copy that!” Stone replied. “Iron Hooves. Take care of her for me.”

“Okay.” The engineer said. Stone and Scarlett both attacked the two guards. Stone swiftly hit the crossbow out of one of the guard’s hooves. She responded by pulling out a sword and pointing it at the lieutenant. Stone backed up, avoiding the tip of the weapon.

“Stone! Catch!” Steve yelled. I bright blue, translucent sword came flying at him. Stone was just able to catch it. He turned back to the guardsmare. He gave a little shrug and charged at her with his sword raised high.

Meanwhile, Scarlett dodged an arrow by the other guard. She then ducked under him as he dove at her. She easily bucked him in the back, knocking him off his feet. The stallion tried to get up, to which she responded by mercilessly shooting him with her crossbow.

“Damn.” Steve said as he looked at her. “That’s cold.”

He then turned back to his fight with Quick Hooves. The stallion tried to hit the crafter with his left front hoof. The crafter easily caught it in his palm. He then tried the right. Same result. Now they were trying to push each other back. They stayed that way for a second before Steve pulled his head back and headbutt the stallion right on the top of his head. He then through the stallion away, in the direction of Stone.

Stone kicked the stallion in the back before turning back to his fight. He brought his sword down on his opponent. She blocked it, but was pushed back slightly by the force he applied. Stone pulled back and tried attacking at the side, but she blocked it. He tried the other side only for their blades to meet again.

“You have good skill with the sword.” Stone said.

“Thanks.” She said, sarcastically. Stone responded by pulling away and pulling out his crossbow from his back.

“Now parry this you filthy casual.” He smiled.

“What kind of coward uses a bow in a sword fight?!” She yelled. Stone responded by shooting her right in the chest cavity. She dropped to her knees before falling to the floor, grabbing the arrow.

“What kind of idiot uses a sword in a bow fight?” Stone smirked. He then looked at his friend Steve who had just kicked Quick Hooves in the face. “Steve! Catch!” Stone threw the diamond sword.

Steve easily caught it and turned to his opponent. He quickly plunged the sword right through his abdomen. The body twitched for a second, before dropping. Steve let out a sign of relief.

“Good job guys.” He said. “Now let’s get out of here.”

Author's Note:

I gotta stop watching YouTube before I write these. Too many memes are sinking into the story. Anyways I hope you enjoyed.