The Lost Crafter

by Jeffrey1000

Chapter 6: The Minor Major Problem

Steve wandered through the forest he had been living in. He said fuck that town and attempted to find a different civilization. He had searched a five mile radius throughout the day. He was heading back home having found nothing. Steve, also, needed wood so he figured he could stop and get some. He pulled out his axe. Taking a deep breath, he swung his axe into the tree. It made a loud sound as it cracked into the tree. He struck it again and again, repeatedly. The wood got very thin, very fast. Then the tree started to sway, and then it started coming down on him. His eyes widened as he looked up. Quickly rolling to the side, he watched as the tree landed where he was standing just a second ago.

“Why can’t anything be like back home?” Steve asked no one. He walked over to the tree and began chopping it into pieces small enough for him to carry. Once he picked a piece up, it looked exactly like a log back in Minecraftia. Now he was curious. He placed a log on the side of a tree. It floated just like back home. “So everything works differently here until I interact with it.” He told himself.

Quickly breaking the log, he opened his inventory to check how much wood he got. Four logs. He sighed. This was gonna be a hard night. He had figured it would be better to come out at night because it was harder for the guards to spot him, and he had night vision potions therefore he could see them. Even though he had night vision potions, he only had a couple, and he could only bring a few at one time. Steve closed his inventory and began walking to another tree. He made it to another tree and pulled out his axe.

Steve was pretty much finished chopping wood. He had gathered 23 oak logs. He made sure to chop a couple trees in different spots just so it wouldn’t look suspicious. He had gathered a pretty decent amount of logs with erase, as no guards ran into him today.

“Well, time to head home.” He said to himself. It was late into the night. Steve had no idea what time it was because he had no clock. He sighed as he tried to recall which way his base was. Just then he heard a roar. Then a few screams. The roar sounded like some kind of monster, and the screams sounded like people, or ponies. Young ponies. He began sprinting in the direction of the sounds. Quickly, pulling out a night vision poison he gulped every last drop and tossed the bottle aside. With his vision how much better he took a look at what was causing all the commotion. Up ahead, he could make out the outlines of two ponies, young like he had expected, and one really large shadow, much bigger than his own. He pulled out his sword and ran head on at the big creature. Steve pushed through branches that left scratches on him. Ignoring the pain, he continued to charge. He yelled out to try and divert the beast’s attention to himself. It worked, and the beast looked right at him. The beast looked like a polar bear, only it was way bigger than one, and its coat was covered in stars rather than being plain white. Steve slashed it across the face with his sword before landing right on its arm. It cried out in pain before quickly smacking Steve off. He landed to the side of the two ponies, of which he confirmed are fillies, and shouted at them.

“Run! Get to the town!” He yelled.

“What about you, sir?” One of them asked.

“Just go.” Steve replied. “I’ve dealt with worse, this is only a minor problem. Just get the fu-, frick out of here!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” One of them said as he turned to run. The beast looked as if it was going to pursue them, but Steve had other ideas.

“Hey ya big beasty bitch!” He yelled at it. “It’s just you and me! Nothing’s getting in my way!” The beast looked right at him. It roared and then charged at him ready to strike. When it finally swung, Steve quickly ducked under its huge paw before jumping up and swinging at it, again, with his sword. This time he struck it across its left foreleg. It grabbed its leg for a second, before returning its attention to Steve. It growled at him and attempted to swing at him, again. He rolled to the right to dodge the attack before slicing its other hand. Steve backed away from the beast to take a look. The injuries clearly bothered it, but it wasn’t going to stop it. He ran up to the beast and slice it across one of its hind legs. The creature, now unable to stabilize itself, fell over. It landed right in front of Steve. He looked right into its eyes, as if gazing into its soul. “Don’t mess with me.” Was all the Crafter had to say.

He turned and headed back into the forest, leaving the creature behind. He was sure that the two colts would tell someone about it.

“So where is the Ursa Major?” Twilight asked Snips and Snails.

“It was right this way.” Snips said pointing with his hoof. They looked behind the trees and gasped at what they saw. There lay an Ursa Major, heavily injured.

“What happened?” Twilight asked.

“A strange creature came in and distracted it while we got help.” Snails explained.

“A strange creature?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah.” Snips confirmed. “He saved us from the it.”

“What did he look like.”

“It was a bipedal, with a light blue top and dark blue bottom. It had brown hair from what I could see. It was tall, much taller than us.” Snips described. It sounded exactly like the creature that gave them so much trouble.

That’s weird. Twilight thought to herself. Why would he attack so many ponies, but then save two? What was he trying to do? “Well,” Twilight started, “we should probably get it out of here.” She said.

The unicorn picked it up with her magic and began carrying it away.

Steve burst through his door, collapsing onto his bed. “Damn, Timberwolves.” He said to himself. “Never leave me alone.”

He opened up his chest. He was running out of food. He still had all his beef, but that would run out, eventually. He had ran out of chicken and only had a few pork chops and bread left. “Well, tomorrow I guess I’ll get food.”