The Lost Crafter

by Jeffrey1000

Chapter 17: Back on the Run

“Quickly! Block it off!” Stone yelled frantically at Steve. Steve responded by quickly filling the tunnel he had made.

“Now we’ve gotta go up. I’ve got a plan.” Steve said. He mined up, breaking one block and then broke the block that was right above Stone. He then jumped up and placed a black below him. “Jump on this.” He told him.

Stone did as told and jumped on the block. Steve moved onto the block Stone was previously on. Steve jumped up and placed a block below him.

“Alright now get back on this block.” Stone, again, cooperated.

“Oh, I see now.” Stone said. Steve jumped back on the first block and began towering again. They repeated this tactic until they reached the surface. Steve quickly broke the dirt and climbed out. Stone followed suit and climbed out after Steve.

“There they are!” He heard two ponies shout.

“Quickly, let’s get moving.” Steve said.

“Stone wait!” What sounded like the captain shouted from behind.

“No!” He yelled back. He forced back tears as they ran through the forest.

“Stone stop!” Steve shouted. Stone came to a halt as he looked at what made Steve stop. They were on the edge of a chasm. Steve looked at the other side.

“I’ve gotta plan. You have to trust me.”

“Alright.” Stone said. Steve pulled out a ender pearl and threw it with his to the other side. He looked back at Stone who was now surrounded by guards.

“Stone, wait.” The Corporal said stepping towards him. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because it’s my job.”

“What part of this is your job?!” She shouted angrily at him.

“Doing the right thing.” He said in his usual calm voice. “Yes, I’m supposed to protect Equestria, but I also need to do what’s right, no matter what. Whether I have to break a couple rules or disobey orders, I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“But Stone, I thought we were friends. I thought you cared about me.” She said as she menacingly circled him. “I thought you cared about the captain! I thought you cared about the squad! But you leave us behind for some creature! How could you do such a thing?!?! You didn’t just betray Equestria, no no no, you also betrayed us!” She shouted with a mighty rage.

Tears began to form in her eyes. Stone hated it when that happened. He never liked seeing her cry and always felt the urge to with her.

“I agree with the Corporal!” Captain Armor said. “Stone, you are making a huge mistake! Come back while the consequences are still minuscule.”

“The only thing that’s minuscule is your grip on the situation!” He yelled back, practically crying. “Steve has been wronged several times. So I’m helping him! And I’m trying to help you, too. So please, leave us alone.” He said, begging them through his tears.

His former comrades stared at him angrily. The Corporal, captain, and other guards all glanced at each other before nodding.

“Stone, I’ve got a question for you, if that creature is your friend, why isn’t he helping you? Why did he decide to flee and leave you here?” The captain asked.

“He has a plan. I-I just don’t know what it is.”

“And you trust him?” The Corporal asked.

“I,” he started before briefly stopping to sigh. “I trust him with my life.” He stated head hanging low.

“Good decision!” Someone yelled from behind. Stone whirled around to see Steve on the back of a dragon. “Let’s get him outta there, Jean!” He yelled out.

“Copy that.” She smiled. Stone turned back to his comrades.

“I told you he’d come back. You just have got to trust others. Please, trust me with my decisions.”

The guards stood stock still for a second, perhaps in shock by the crafter riding a dragon. They quickly snapped out of there trance like phase and focused on Stone again. Their faces morphed into expressions of anger. They all, including his two friends, armed their spears and pointed them at Stone.

“Seize him!” The captain ordered.

“And that’s our cue.” Steve said. He jumped off of Jean and blocked one attack with a shield before deflecting another with his sword. Stone deflected a magic attack with his sword before deflecting a spear. Captain Armor made an attempt towards Steve that he blocked with his shield before kicking him aside. The Corporal went straight for Stone, fury in her eyes. Despite them both being unicorns, they were both better with a sword than magic. She swung first, but Stone easily ducked under it she then came back around and Stone blocked it with his own. She continued to push with her anger-filled attack.

“Corporal,” Stone whispered under his breath, “I’m sorry.” Before he dropped his sword. He dodged his falling weapon and ducked underneath Eagle’s before swiftly pivoting and bucking her straight in the face. Her body was sent flying back and landed limply.

“Get on her back!” Steve ordered.

Stone grabbed his sword and ran towards the dragon. He quickly jumped on Jean’s back like he was told.

“Come on Steve!” Jean said. Steve turned towards the duo. He waved his hands in their direction.

“Go! Go! Go!” He yelled. Jean began to soar off the chasm. Steve jumped on barely grabbing onto one of her arms. She pulled him up, onto her back.

“Let’s get out of here.” Stone said. He turned back at his former comrades and waved a sad goodbye.

“Pegasi, pursue them!” The captain yelled. Several pegasi took off and headed in their direction.

“Hey guys,” Stone started, “we’ve got company.”

“Jean, I hope you know some evasive maneuvers.” Steve said. Jean gulped in response.

“I’ll try.”

“We’re going to need something better than you trying. We’re going to need you to actually do it.” Steve told her.

“Incoming! Seven o’clock!” Stone shouted. Jean dived at nine to avoid the pegasus.

“Another one! Six o’clock!” Stone yelled. The pegasus flew at her, but Steve blocked the attack with his sword. There were three pegasi flying in a V formation.

“Jean! Dive! I’ve got a plan.” Steve yelled.

“Alright.” She said. She dived down into the forest at high speed. The three pegasi trailed them.

“Alright now pull up.” She did as told and pulled up. The pegasi shadowed her. Steve pulled out his axe and sliced the top of a tree off on the way up. It fell down towards the pegasi. The one in the lead got hit right in the face and fell to the ground.

“One down, two to go.” Steve said. “I’ll jump off, and take one down, I want you to circle back around and pick me up. I’ll probably be falling. Stone, do you think you can catch me?”

“Are you insane?!?!” Stone yelled.

“Fuck yeah!” Steve answered. “Now get ready.”

Steve let go of Jean. He targeted the pegasus in the front. He grabbed onto his face, blinding him. The other pegasus continued to pursue the other two. Despite not being able to see the pegasus continued tousled with Steve. Just like Steve planned, Jean came back around. However, when she did, she ran right into Steve knocking them out of mid-air. The pegasus chasing them bumped into Jean’s back and they all lost control. The five creatures were falling from high up. Steve thought fast.

He opened up his crafting menu in his inventory. Then, he combined his potion of slow fall with gunpowder to make a splash potion. He pulled it out and threw it at someone. Just as expected, all of their falls began to slow. It wasn’t a moment too soon either. They were right about to hit the ground. All five of them landed softly.

“What. The buck. Was. That?” One of the Pegasi asked.

“Potion of slow fall.” Steve stated. He turned to his friends. “Now come on let’s go.”

The three took off. One of the pegasi got up to pursue them, but the other stopped him.

“Wait. We’ll regroup then pursue them.” She said.

“Alright.” They turned and headed back towards Ponyville.