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Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once. - William Shakespeare


This story is a sequel to Evening Crown

This is the story of a badass peagsus who fights through the underworld of Equestria... and that's about it. Alpha has lost everything. His family, his friends, his home, and his freedom. The only question that remains is this: How far will he go to get it all back?

In a world overflowing with selfish deceit and cunning adversaries, a lone peagsus must return to the light, or fall to the darkness below.

"A heart eclipsed by fear can shed no true light, or love." - Athena

Extra Tags: Romance, Sad, Drama

This story is connected to my Evening Crown AU. However, you do not need to read Evening Crown before Alpha for the story to make sense, though I would recommend it.

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This story is a sequel to Evening Crown

Princess Luna, Goddess Of The Night, Guardian Of The Lost, and Bane Of The Wicked... is just a pony.

She has lived more than a thousand years, but still endures the crashing waves of loss. She holds all lunar power and glorious might of the night in her hooves... but she still cannot save those she loves. She has fought every battle, held her beloved sister in terrible tears, and witnessed the fabrics of reality break at its seams... yet she was blind to the plight of her own ponies. It has been no less than a couple of months since the end of what is now being named, The Athenic War. The Sole ruler, Princess Luna, reflects upon her past and what she has lost. She remains regal and alone in her night, asking questions with seemingly no answers.

> This took quite some time to write. I desperately wanted this to be my work of art that everyone could enjoy. I really hope you all can be immersed in this short story that means so much to me.

While it is not required that you read this story first, or vice versa, it takes place in my Evening Crown AU. At what point in time? You'll just have to wait and find out.

Edited by: ArthurPaige

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Two gentlemen.

One target.

An angry mare.

And an even more enraged vigilante.

Yes, this is a robbery. We are indeed thugs, and will be taking your belongings. Good day.

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Twilight Sparkle was never Celestia's student, and she has never been to Ponyville. Raised on the backstreets of Canterlot she has to fight to survive, and her good heart does nothing to help. A criminal, a student, and a dangerous foe. All these titles and so many more plague her young life. Corruption is on the rise, ancient forces and new ones alike, struggling for power and control... and one mare stands at its center. Twilight will cross every line, and discover truths meant to stay buried. Her life will never be the same again, and there is a long road left ahead.

Connected Stories: Among The Stars, Alpha

Cover Art designed by: MeowofyMLP

Editing and revisions by: ArthurPaige

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Starlight struggles to come to terms with her past. How could somepony ever forgive her? Moreover, why is she receiving love and forgiveness when she doesn't deserve it? Why? In her mind, she deserves nothing but damnation and eternal hatred. So why does this magenta Alicorn continue to fight for her? Starlight is broken. And she does not want to be repaired. No, she doesn't deserve to be repaired. Love brings nothing but heartbreak, so why love at all?


This short story explains what happened after the episode: The Cutie Remarking. It is directly related to my own universe, however, you do not need to read anything else to understand or enjoy this narrative.

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Equestria's history has been altered. Changed and evolved into a complex web of lies and deceit. The truth, over a period of a thousand years, has become buried so deep that no pony can ever recover it. The Princesses themselves remain ignorant and blind to much of the darkness their parents allowed to fester. The tales contained in this volume tell the whole truth, no matter how dark and grim. Only through reading this tome, will the truth be revealed. I pray that the veil over your eyes may be torn, so you may behold the naked, terrible, and glorious reality of the past.

This story is meant to explain the changes I made to equestrian history for my novel, The Power of Truth. The story will contain countless viewpoints. Ranging from court scribes to King Sombra himself. I will try to update this story alongside of The Power of Truth. You do not have to read this to understand The Power of Truth, and vice versa. Dark tag once again does not mean grim dark. If you did not get the time period from the information above, this story is set around one thousand years ago, in my own version of ancient Equestria.

> Warning- This story is really an emotional piece. I write the chapters once and revise them once. I put a lot of feelings into these, so they are not my best work. But I hope that some of you can relate.

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This story is undergoing revisions and editing as it was my first story.

Twilight and her friends have protected Equestria from countless foes. From dark magicians to ancient beasts from Tartarus, they have conquered all. The elements of harmony are the perfect weapon to be wielded by Celestia and Luna. What happens though, when your own weapon is threatening to turn against you? What happens when your darkest secrets bleed out into the open for all to ridicule. What happens, when the enemy, is also your friend?

Dark tag does not mean grim dark. The story can get serious and involves death and violence, but it is not extreme.

In this world ancient Equestrian history has been altered a great deal, however, this story follows mlp fim until season five The Cutie Remarking. All content after that is not included in this story. The story itself picks up around a year later. Equestria Girls is only included to allow Sunset Shimmer to appear, all other characters from the other dimension are irrelevant.

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