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Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once. - William Shakespeare


Equestria's history has been altered. Changed and evolved into a complex web of lies and deceit. The truth, over a period of a thousand years, has become buried so deep that no pony can ever recover it. The Princesses themselves remain ignorant and blind to much of the darkness their parents allowed to fester. The tales contained in this volume tell the whole truth, no matter how dark and grim. Only through reading this tome, will the truth be revealed. I pray that the veil over your eyes may be torn, so you may behold the naked, terrible, and glorious reality of the past.

This story is meant to explain the changes I made to equestrian history for my novel, The Power of Truth. The story will contain countless viewpoints. Ranging from court scribes to King Sombra himself. I will try to update this story alongside of The Power of Truth. You do not have to read this to understand The Power of Truth, and vice versa. Dark tag once again does not mean grim dark. If you did not get the time period from the information above, this story is set around one thousand years ago, in my own version of ancient Equestria.

> Warning- This story is really an emotional piece. I write the chapters once and revise them once. I put a lot of feelings into these, so they are not my best work. But I hope that some of you can relate.

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Like I stated in the description, this story is not my best work. However, I do put a lot of emotion into it. Feel free to comment on how you felt or on how I could improve my emotional writing in this area.

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