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This story is a sequel to Unfriendship: Pony Gods

Two years have passed since the defeat of the Equestrian Magical Regime. Twilight is imprisoned in Tartatus along with her followers and Celestia is struggling to put Equestria back together. But when the Storm King and the villanous First Order appear on the scene, will she be able to swallow her pride and join forces with her former student and friend in order to save Equestria? Is there redemption to fallen tyrants? And how does a lone, orphaned unicorn named Luster Dawn come into the picture?

Based on "Injustice 2".

Chapters (6)

Celestia's worst nightmare had come to pass, her faithful student, Twilight Sparkle has fallen to the dark side. Dethroned and severely depowered, she seeks help from another universe that never suffered her world's tragedies.

Based on 'Injustice: Gods Among Us', inspired by Mr Astounding's 'Disharmony: Gods Among Ponies'.

Chapters (14)