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This story is a sequel to MLDC: The Justice League of Equestria - Omnibus 1

Welcome back, ponies! Time to kick off the second Omnibus of my Justice League of Equestria stories. Introducing more heroes to this world and continuing the adventures of some of the already established ones.

And kicking off the second Omnibus is...

The Lunar Hunter Vol. 1: Son of the Moon

  • He was the last of a dying race. His entire species was taken from him by a mysterious disease. He never knew why he was spared, but he thought he would be condemned to an eternity of roaming the barren moon until he made a psychic connection with a lost alicorn, the first friend he ever made. When that friend was freed and returned home, he followed her, but he couldn't escape his past. The dark force responsible for his race's extinction had followed him and is determined to finish the job.
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Happy Nightmare Night, everypony.

This story is part of my Justice League of Equestria anthology, written as a Halloween special and as the title no doubt gave away, it was inspired by the Batman story: The Long Halloween.

The Batmare will have to sink into the lowest parts of the Manehattan underworld, take on vengeful vigilantes, illusive mob bosses and a killer who seems to be far more cunning than the ones she faced before and who is always a step ahead of her.

Who is the Candy Colt? Find out in...

Batmare: The Long Nightmare Night!

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The Mane Six might be Equestria's greatest heroes, but what if they were more? What if they were SUPER-heroes? In this universe, the Mane Six (and others) are all portrayed as various superheroes from the DC Universe. This anthology of stories will be introducing the heroes one by one, you will witness their creation, their solo adventures and eventually their first time uniting in defense of Equestria.

The anthology begins with:

The Batmare Volume 1: Batmare Begins

(Starring Twilight Sparkle, Spike and Trixie Lullamoon)

  • The criminal organizations of Manehattan have been under attack by a mysterious assailant set on tearing them down and bringing them all to justice! But as the battle between the criminal elements of the city and the shadowy vigilante reaches a critical point, a new threat emerges, the likes of which Manehattan has never seen before.

The Mare of Steel Vol. 1: A Pony of Two Worlds

(Starring Applejack and Filthy Rich)

  • The last remnant of a dead world and a gone civilization landed on Equus next to the home of a humble apple farmer family. Gifted with incredible powers, which she wants to put in the service of ponykind she eventually sets out to discover her origins and find her true place in this new world. But what happens when she meets the worst this world has to offer?

The Emerald Mare Vol. 1: Succession

(Starring Fluttershy and Nightmare Moon, guest starring Tomar-Re, Kilowog and the Guardians of the Universe from DC)

  • A fallen warrior from beyond the stars lands in Equestria, looking for a worthy successor. His choice falls on a young, timid pegasus mare who never wanted to be anything more than a simple veterinarian, yet she finds herself as the guardian of an entire space sector. And she'll have to grow up to the task quickly, for the most fearful creature Equus has ever seen is about to make a return.

The Mightiest Mare of Equus Vol. 1: The Seven Deadly Sins

(Starring Pinkie Pie and Doctor Caballeron)

  • An ancient evil rises from the grave it was once banished to, putting not only Equestria, but all of Ponykind in great peril. Only a champion of pure heart can hope to withstand the corruption of it's power. With one word, she is bestowed with the power of six gods becomes the mightiest mortal alive and acquires the power to save Equestria. The power of SHAZAM!

The Fastest Mare Alive Vol. 1: Rogues

(Starring Rainbow Dash, Bow Hothoof, Soarin, Short Fuse, Rolling Thunder and Zephyr Breeze)

  • A freak lightning storm took away a little filly's mother, but ended up giving her incredible abilities. As she experiments with her powers, she becomes a hero who helps those in need with unparalelled speed. For years, she went undefeated which left her quite overconfident. But her pride and determination will be tested when she faces enemies she once considered friends.

Canary & Arrow Vol. 1: Battle Hardened

(Starring Rarity and Prince Blueblood)

  • An ambitious fashionista and a spoiled prince came together for what they believed to be a pleasant date, only for it to turn to a nightmare when they are betrayed and left for dead on an deserted Island that may not be so deserted after all. Now, they must work together in order to survive, get home and gain back what's rightfully theirs. But most of all, they'll have to avoid killing each other.

The Justice League of Equestria Vol. 1: Invasion

  • The big day is here! The wedding between the Princess of Love and the Captain of the Royal Guard is about to begin! And while seven ponies are about to intertwine their destinies and become the best team of heroes Equestria has ever known... a conspiracy begins to form in the shadows.
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This story is a sequel to Unfriendship: Pony Gods

Two years have passed since the defeat of the Equestrian Magical Regime. Twilight is imprisoned in Tartatus along with her followers and Celestia is struggling to put Equestria back together. But when the Storm King and the villanous First Order appear on the scene, will she be able to swallow her pride and join forces with her former student and friend in order to save Equestria? Is there redemption to fallen tyrants? And how does a lone, orphaned unicorn named Luster Dawn come into the picture?

Based on "Injustice 2".

Chapters (15)

Celestia's worst nightmare had come to pass, her faithful student, Twilight Sparkle has fallen to the dark side. Dethroned and severely depowered, she seeks help from another universe that never suffered her world's tragedies.

Based on 'Injustice: Gods Among Us', inspired by Mr Astounding's 'Disharmony: Gods Among Ponies'.

Chapters (15)