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Hey Howlerzz! Wwolf here bringing out stories of Princess Twilight Sparkle!

Welcome to The Pack!

What is up, Howlerzz! Welcome to my profile page. I know my stories aren't worth your time, but I still write. You know why? Because even though your not a writer, and you still write, it is because your inspired by everyone's stories that you also need to make one. That's how I feel, my mom says I'm determined to write my own story, I don't blame her. She said that writer or not, if you have the confidence to write with all your heart, then your a writer too. I can't even do a good job, I'm always wrong in spelling, but I never gave up. Plus! I've got comments to help me figure my rights and wrongs.

Well enough babbling, lets get writing! Now I want all readers who read this module to be inspired as well, because we are all the same, in a way. If you want to know my Favourites, just look below and you'll see some rankings, I made. If you can relate then you can relate. If you don't relate I'll find a different route to make you relate. Once again thank you for visiting my Profile Page and have a good day!

Mane 7 Ranking:

Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
Starlight Glimmer
Pinkie Pie

Singing ranking:

Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash

Shipping that will be often seeing in my stories:

Pinkie Cheese

Shippings that has a reserved spot in hell:

Coming Soon!

A Battle for Her Love

The two coltish mares of the Elements of Harmony, Applejack and Rainbow Dash has discovered feelings for somepony special. The problem is, the pony Applejack likes is what Rainbow Dash likes to. They both love her with all their hearts. So they decided to make it a challenge. May the best Mare win! But will this pony loved one of them back?

Before the challenge began, a emergency occurred beyond Equestria. All princesses were captured by the outsiders. Spike was gone missing when the attack had occurred. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity are the ones in charge for the time being, as Shinning Armor, Rainbow Dash and Applejack rescue the princesses.

Howlerzz Paper

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New Start : Season 1
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    This story is on hold at the moment. I got tied up on homework and projects my teacher gave me, I didn't got time to create a new chapter of ACFCDS. My mother also grounded me for a few months because I got into a fight at school which made the situation a lot harder. We also had a camping, field trip and a trip back to my province.

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  • 25 weeks

    Hey guys! You're probably wondering why another new chapter in A Curse From A Dark Soul still isn't publish. Well I'll tell you, I kind of wasn't in the mood of writing this month, and I've been also having issues with my account here in Fimfiction, I already sent a Private message to one of the administrators of Fimfiction. It's going to take me days before I'll post another chapter or story, but don't worry, Team Howlerzz is making stories that will be published in the near future. Again,

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    Title: A battle for her Love

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    A Curse From a Dark Soul

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Thanks, glad to join!:twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2:

Glad to see a new member of the Twidash Group ! <3

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