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Blazing Wind

I am a Blaze of the Wind. I am the fastest, strongest and agile amongst Griffons. And a loyal guard of Lord Geo's Army. Also daughter of Griffon's God; Efron.

Hey Viewers!

You're gal Blazing Wind here, I just wanna say; Welcome to my User Page! I am a griffon that is hungry for words, pages and chapters. Not a writer, but a editor. I'm not sure if that made anything different, but for me it does.

When I came across at this website, I was excited to work with you all. I came across a story that is bad at first, but when the story was almost done, it was one of the best stories that I have ever read. I suggested to work with the one who composed the story, and she gladly said yes, and in that day my dream finally begun.

I have been a editor for almost all my life. When I was just a little griffon, I started to edit every letter my Grandpa send to Big Sis Gilda. There were erasing there and erasing here. The first time I had edited the letter, Big Sis Gilda started to come over to play with me and Gallus, tell us stories, talk to Grandpa or just visit to drop something off. I made the impossible happen between us griffons.

One day, a offer came across our doors. It was an opportunity to join the Royal Guards of Lord Geo's Army, I definitely said yes, without hesitation. When I got there, I was nervous, but excited at the same time. They said yes, when they saw how strong, fast and agile I am as a mare, and promoted me to Captain, in just one day. ONE DAY. I continue to edit letters of my troops, they all were happy when I edit. One griffon had made connection with one of his long lost friends.

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