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Hello everypony and welcome to our page.(Dawn Flower and Chief) Yeah there's not much...yet

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After her and the rest of the CMC go to fine Elisabeak in the Everfree forest after she got out during there sleepover at Fluttershy's cottage and after watching Fluttershy start to be turned to stone and finding Twilight in the similar state she runs off. After getting lost a storm kicks up and forces her to confront her memories of her lost mother.

Ok this story is a short idea that I thought of one night as I was laying in bed and it wouldn't let go so here's my new story.

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Shortly after finding out she was pregnant Twilight Velvet had a magic surge that caused her to pass out. She shortly awoke on the way to the hospital, for fear of the unborn foal. Once there it was revealed that nothing negative happened to the foals health. Twilight Velvet asked the Doctor to clarify what they meant by 'foals', once told that she had two wellsprings instead of the one before, she sat back down on the bed and proceeded to pass out again.

For further updates on how and what is going on with this story please see my blogs.

Well this is going to be my [major] rewrite of my other story "The Real MacColt" as in a few ideas and the MC, that's it.
Also Some tags don't have any content behind them yet, but they are there for a reason other than to look pretty.

Also there is a lot of Filly Twilight and Celestia Floof planned, only now the Twilight has been Doubled

Also Ask questions for the characters or even me, hay, share with me your ideas and I'll probably work them in some how. Like the idea of Celestia having the Trumpets blasting in her ears why they play them cause she is so tall. Little goofy logic points I'll almost certainly add into the story as long as they are appropriate, I want you to tell me your own silly Tia moments like that for the very purpose of adding them in I want you readers to read it and say 'Hay that's the line I suggested! They actually used it, totally awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:'

If you want more of my rambling please check out my blogs

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Ever wondered what the mighty, the powerful, the beautiful, and the cake-agedon is like off the throne? When she's away from the nobles? What about all those times she did something or when she didn't do something?

Well your gonna haft a wait, cause she ain't first.


This came about when I had questions about how Equestria is run.

As a side note, I need Questions to ask the ponies and non-ponies. So I'm going to turn to you readers for help. If a character gets enough questions or even a few interesting ones I will try to write a chapter about them with those questions.

Seriously the more questions I get for characters the faster I can turn out chapters.

That's all for now, hope you enjoy it, even if you don't that's okay.:twilightsmile:

[12-04-2017] Going on Hiatus for a little over a month but I will be back I just will need Questions for Nightmare Moon to get it out as soon as I can.

[02-02-2018] I'm back! I still need Questions! Please I can't think of any good ones.

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