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Just a brony who likes to write using whatever free time I have to spare.


Set in the world of The Pastromorbo Epidemic. Written for Aeluna's Art Giveaway.

On a trip to Yakyakistan seeking refuge, three ponies expect dangers from all sides. What they don't expect is for it to come from one of their own.
WARNING: contains insanity, brief language, and brief violence.

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A duo of short stories following the prompt, "In Over Your Head". Rated teen for brief use of language and slightly suggestive themes.

Testing the Limits: Rainbow Dash gets creative with her Wonderbolts exam.

Anon Overload: when Anon steps through the portal to Equestria, he discovers he wasn't the first.

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When Starlight Glimmer discovers a locked door in Twilight's castle, she is determined to find out what Twilight is hiding. But Starlight soon discovers that some things are best left hidden. This story was my entry for the Forbidden Knowledge writeoff competition.

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Set in the alternate universe where Queen Chrysalis is not defeated by the Mane 6, this is a story about a group of survivors, banded together to fight back against the changelings.
When Lyra Heartstrings has her life turned upside down, she must learn how to survive in an Equestria turned cruel.

Cover art by Alyssa Hartwick

Credit for the title goes to Quillian Inkheart. Original title was 'Trust No One'.

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