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Group icon the first prize from the first round of the giveaway. The OC belongs to Smaug the Golden and is the main antagonist of his story, Aileron.

Giveaway Deadline: January 1st

Contest Deadline: January 5th

I love hosting contests and seeing what other people can do with my work, hence I began to combine the two! There are two ways to win prizes in this group; one is a simple giveaway for joining the group and the other is a writing contest.

The giveaway is simple. Join this group and, on the deadline day, I'll announce the winner!

The contest is to write a one-shot (or, if you want, an ongoing fic) based on my fic, The Pastromorbo Epidemic. You can write any genre for it (even clop if you so desire), you can even stick my OCs into your own world (or vice versa). The only rules are:

· your entry must include the world that I've built or at least one of my OCs (feel free to use more)
· your entry must be an original fic—that is to say, it can't be an update of an existing fic (the exception being an update for a fic that was written for a previous round)
· your entry must state in either its description or an author's note that it is based on The Pastromorbo Epidemic
· your entry must be visible and published on fimfiction (management purposes)

That's all I can think of so far. Bonus marks will be given to fics which best represent the world and characters so even if you aren't a world class, millionaire writer you've still got a good chance to win! Naturally, some background reading will be necessary. The length of the fic submitted is irrelevant.

If you don't have time to read the whole of the fic, which is understandably, see here for some entry prompts based on the start of the fic.

The prize for the winner is beautiful art of their OC / request. There are a selection of artists on offer each round, who can be found here.

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*Starts rolling a set of dice in hand before tossing them into a box and closing the lid* I will look at those later to see what my chances are at winning this contest. My number has been entered (I can only assume by me joining the group) and I will later probably do the one shot contest and enter that.

This is awesome! I got to get some of that! :pinkiehappy:

I will enter!

I will do my entry: The Pastanomorebu Journey.

May the Princesses look upon this with favor!

Not sure where I am supposed to show my entry.

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