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Mlp Kitty

I'm a big mlp fan and enjoy fanfic about alternate worlds and\or time travel. Favorite pony: Twilight Sparkle Also a Teen Titans fan.

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What's up? · 4:36am Jul 4th, 2017

I will be focusing my attention on Shady's story for now. Chapter three is in progress! However I do have plans for editing Replacement and releasing that long awaited chapter. I'm sorry I haven't been on fimfiction much, but my time has been devoted to my art. If you are interested in viewing it, my deviantart account is MlpAzarath. See you soon with more Shady!

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so you're a Teen Titans fan as well :D

tell me this, do you prefer the original Teen Titans and not that god awful Teen Titans GO?

Loved the Shady art so much I made it my avatar!

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