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Hey there. My name is... Well I don't quite know. Though I've taken up the title of Diov. I've been traveling from dimension to dimension, world to world, parallel to parallel. Through my journeys I've taken up many title aside from Diov. Doombringer, The Answer, Man, Machine, Monster. All of which are true. Some of those I've met choose to follow me while others choose to seek my death. Either way, the voice in my head won't let me die. Though that doesn't mean it can't torture me. Though no matter what, I allow you to share my adventures. Big and small. Both sick and twisted. Though riddled with secrets and mystery.

A sequel to the story A Peek Into the Twisted Mind of "Me".

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Audible screams and the rending of flesh are all I have heard for the eons while I stay silent inside of my mind. I now willingly open my eyes to let the people of fimfiction see what I see. The horrors that "It" produces. My mind. It contains both my insanity and the many dimensions of small, colorful Equines known as "Ponies". I am a Child of Chaos thus, this is my job. But for some reason, it never felt right until about a year ago. I now realize that the Celestial Empire and Lunar Republic, Gryphon Dominion and Sea Pony Kingdom have no power over me or my kind. It has given me a new perspective on what it means to be who I am, and now I accept this and empower myself to take advantage of this unique participation. I swore to help the chaotic, scar the wicked, and destroy the good. For all who read this, please follow me on my journey and maybe even join me. Become a Child of Chaos and help free the one true deity, he who represents even the human race, help free Discord! (This description is based in an Equestrian universe and is in no way connected to human religion. Merely to relate to it.)

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Drake has had a rough, street life. When he meets up with an oddball stranger instead of an old friend, he is given a second chance. But in the cheesiest was possible. As a drake... but worst of all, he's part cat, and Drake hates cats! But now he must cope with his new body, and some odd new acquaintances, as he makes his journey towards his redemption.

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