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The Stainmore Phoenix

I do not believe that these creatures and lands are all trouble, but this one creature or land has upset our ponies badly and made the princesses very upset

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Pipe Glass, duke of Magic and Mysteries.

However, he's also a private detective. However, he worked as a private Detective in Van Hoover. The cases follow him as he winds up Police Inspector Moorland Mist (Changeling Queen), Sergeant Desk Jockey and the top brass of the Commissioner and District Attorney. Also follow his clients, including Queen Fenland Knight, Shining Armor and other dignitaries.

Follow on with growls, barks, threats of arrest, teasings, burst pride, endless amounts of smugness and constant back and forth between all the characters of these cases.

Author's note-This was meant to be story #3, but with my original computer breaking and all the word docs lost, I'm recreating this from memory.

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Nightmare Moon

A mare of legend, a mare of evil, a mare of many sides unexplored.

Fortune hasn't been the kindest to her and after many years of allowing her disreputation to define her as the pony she isn't, Lady Luck takes pity on the Alicorn who tried to bring endless night and gives her a chance to make things right by giving her a special somepony and two runaways who lived in an orphanage.

Will this change be all that she needs or will it be a detrimental step in the wrong direction?

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What happens when I am transported into Equestria long before the first episode? Chaos ensues, along with the usual tropes of the HIE stories. There is also history being revived and complete changes to what actually happened including having a Changeling, a unicorn who specializes in Spider spells, a vampony Earth pony, humans, other ponies and the Power Ponies being real.

Gore tag added

Edited with the help of Inkwell Prose

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1000 years ago, Celestia made enemies and made out some ill checks. Her intentions were to keep Equestria safe from harm, and that seemed to work.

Now the enemies are back and this time they want revenge. What is Equestria to do? Without any of the Elements of Harmony being bound to Celestia, it seems that all hope is lost and that everyone is now part of the revenge plot.

Enter nineteen ponies, who seem simple and innocent enough, with simple jobs and simple existences. What makes these ponies special is that they all have faults and it's those faults that bring the Elements of Harmony back to life.

Now tasked with being the Elements, can these ponies look passed their faults and their past events to work efficiently or are the Elements going to only be a once used item and never work again?

Alternate Universe tag because of the fact that there are more elements and additional ponies to the mane six.

Rated T because of certain phrasing and also to be safe.

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I had wanted a vacation, and Equestria sounded like a place of fun. With missed connections, delays and chaotic troubles, I find it hard to have a good vacation, but after getting to know the landscape, I start to enjoy my vacation in Equestria.

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Everyone that knew Dangersignal, knew that his life was not a happy one. When he is asked to recount it for ponies who don't know him, he fore-warns anyone who reads this that it isn't all sunshine and flowers.

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Celestia sends one of her Royal guards out into the outside world to find his calling in life. He gets help from some people that Celestia had formed a working relation with. However, she also wanted him to help upgrade the railway network and combat a pony by the name Dr. EconoAxe, who wants to completely do away with the railway. Will there be success or failure? *Note, there are some dark moments*

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