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One day in the peaceful land of Equestria, shit happens. Cloudsdale is nuked, two ponies break out of the Canterlot Quarentine zone, and through it all, physics and the laws of the universes will be shattered.


Fuckin' whooope.


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Three kids, all 12, just out of 6th grade, wake up one day to find new ground underneath their... hooves?
OK, scratch that entire sentence. They actually found no ground underneath their hooves!

Not my first fic, but I like to try shit. If you have hate, put hate in comments, then dislike. Hopefully I'll be able to turn that sad thumb upside-down!

Oh, and yes, I totally ripped off "The Bond"

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There is a changeling living in Equestria, under the disguise as a pegasus pony named Stellar Shift, and trying to make a new life after the last failed conquest.
He moves to a small town known as Ponyville, hoping that nobody will pry into his very, very special talent.
On the first day he meets six ponies that he remembers all too well from the past. Will they discover his true identity and shun him? Or will he be able to hide his unique abilities?

I don't own Mlp, Hasbro does.
Can't sue me now.

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In 2797 A.N.M. (After Nightmare Moon) a young colt named Nebula gets drafted by the E.N.A.S.A.(Equestrian National Aeronautics and Space Association) to explore the universe.
Join Nebula as he leaves behind his old life and searches for his destiny among the stars.

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A story based off of the song titled "Killer Queen" by Queen.
Can't tell you too much or else I'm spoiling the story.
WARNING: Contains references to "Cupcakes".
If the readers want, I can expand it.

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A young mare named Harmony has to get through a school called "The Academy"

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