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"you take away my world, I take away yours."

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This story is a sequel to My little Venom: a monster inside

Nearly a year after the black symbiote was locked away, Twilight has managed to forget about the whole thing. But when an old rival returns seeking revenge with the help of a new friend it can only mean trouble. To make things worst they'll need the help of a symbiote.
edited by King of Kings

There will be slight hint to TwiDash

As a alternative to the magic duel episode.
The story continues.

Chapters (6)

After Tirek's defeat, the mane six adventure into the ever free forest and stumble upon a old metal Machine. Looking through the Machine from the inside they discover to have unknown feelings, almost like memories. Wanting answers they find more then they can realize.

based after the end of season 4 and within the TF film universe (may not seem like it)
Story idea inspired from the creator of: Applebloom transform and roll-out.

Chapters (7)

A week has passed after the canterlot wedding. When a living pile of black slime appears at twilight's house. It reminds her of when her friends, her brother, spike, and her mentor did not believe her when she know that something was up with cadence. Now the monster makes her believe that one day they will turn away from her and leave her all alone. Anger will become her weapon, Anger will make them pay. Soon all will know to never turn there back on...VENOM!!!

Story inspired by vampdash's venom rising
edited by King of Kings

Chapters (7)
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