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Update after Disappearing · 7:57am Dec 30th, 2017

I must apologize to you all for disappearing from this site for...umm 1? 2 & a half years? I don't know really, anyway I've gotten caught up In my shity job, watching Rwby, keeping an eye out for new transformers figures, watching Fate anime, the list goes on. I just am not into MLP like I used to.

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Apologies for more delays · 10:01am Aug 16th, 2016

MLV 3 still under constru..*cough fit*.. I mean in the idea stage. It has been going though some change with the story, I originally was going to write it last week when I was on vacation. Then no man's sky came out and that's all I've been playing, and I have been taking a break from this site for a while. But I will be back in the game now.

So anyway I've decided on a story line I'll be happy with and I'll see where it goes from there.

Three more symbiotes for the story:

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MLV 3 Delayed. · 2:13am Jun 13th, 2016

Unfortunately my brain refuses to come up with ideas, so My little Venom 3 will be delayed. I won't say when I will work on it. I'm not good at keeping promises, so it'll come around when it does.

In other news, the Transformers story will be canceled due to no ideas (curse you brain!).

Good day.:pinkiesmile:

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Update on MLV 3- part 1 · 1:58am Apr 20th, 2016

My Little Venom 3 is now in writing and planing stage. However unlike My Little Venom 2, this will not be released until I have at least 4 chapters done.

Also characters conformed for the story are:

Agent Venom
Anti Venom (main villain)
Carnage (secondary villain, may have little appearance)

For those who read the last chapter of my little Venom 2 may know Hydra will have a part in this, but they will not be the main focus.

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News and updates · 5:09pm Jan 1st, 2016

My little Venom 2 has 1 new chapter

My little Venom 3 confirmed for early 2016

Transformers secret of the mane six on hiatus for a while, likely going to be canceled.

Happy New Years :pinkiehappy:

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NEWS: new marvel stories to come! · 12:45am Jul 5th, 2015

once i have finished my little venom 2, I've decided to make stories for other marvel characters. I've chosen first ones to get a story.

Iron Mare (Rainbow Dash)
Captain Equestria (Applejack)
Thor (Unknown)
Hulk (Spike)

these are the only ones that I've considered making, I will take requests for other ones.
also all these marvel stories will be in the same Universe (along with the my little venom series.)

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avengers + transformers = ??? · 11:49pm Dec 17th, 2014

lets find out...

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updates,updates,UPDATES!!! · 4:44am Nov 5th, 2014

new chapters coming soon for:
transformers: secret of the mane six
taking magic

and more ideas for stories

stories still only ideas:
star wars the old republic: masters of darkness (has Darth malgus.)

life with changelings (human story.)

equestrian adventures: a human story

stories in making:

Transformers: revenge of the decepticons( based in the fall of equestria trilogy. )

twilight's new life

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battle cry by imagine dragons PMV · 1:37am Sep 28th, 2014

i found this, thought i would show it to ya'll.

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my little venom 2 delayed to focus on Transformers: secret of the mane six. along with news · 11:07pm Sep 6th, 2014

im sorry to inform all of you that i am going to be focusing mainly on finishing Transformers: secret of the mane six.

also i wish to get some of your best art for the mane six, the CMC and more as transformers and if its too much to ask i also would some battle art ( like transformer Rainbow vs movie Starscream or transformer Twilight vs ether Tarn from the story or movie Megatron)

anyway i also have new story ideas:

Transformers: rise of Galvatron

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