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"you take away my world, I take away yours."


After Tirek's defeat, the mane six adventure into the ever free forest and stumble upon a old metal Machine. Looking through the Machine from the inside they discover to have unknown feelings, almost like memories. Wanting answers they find more then they can realize.

based after the end of season 4 and within the TF film universe (may not seem like it)
Story idea inspired from the creator of: Applebloom transform and roll-out.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 27 )

Could do with some editing and compressing into bigger chapters.
Also, wasn't Tarn mostly in IDW?

4534481 ya he doesn't get in the spotlight a lot.

Seems like a good story even if it feels like it's kind of rushed. Also you need some serious editing ASAP.

Does this mean that Starscream will be appearing, or will at least be mentioned in this story?

4577382 it is based between the first film and the revenge of the fallen. so who knows.

Vehicle forms
Rainbow Dash-jet
Fluttershy-helicopter (loved the the crybertonian helicopter in fall of cybertron)
Applejack- a truck (or rig as there called in games)
Pinkie- a tank (where you think she got the damn cannon)
Rarity - sports car with curves like a classic vet or a Lamborghini like car
Twilight Sparkle- jet and/or truck (she is a leader class as a princess)
Applebloom- truck type but small jeep like form similar to swindle and hound had in FoX
Scootaloo if not a jet a 2 wheel form like a bike similar to what the junkians
Sweety bot term Belle- would be a small car maybe give her a Beatle like bumblebee and cliffjumper have.

The forms in the bay movies not all worked for the characters. I find the war for and fall of cybertron games got better matches.

4589417 i shill think about this. i was also thinking one would have a beast mode:trixieshiftright: but i think my mind is made up.:twilightsmile:

I think twilight has a trailer like Optimus gundamdragon.

Maybe I could edit your story? (Just a suggestion) :pinkiehappy:

4590333 does the helmet look like their pony heads? ( my grammar does not sound right to me)

"long ago I had ran across a machine that had 9 little robots that seemed to take the form of fillies. I had took them and found suitable parents to keep the fillies from learning the truth about them self's. Today they are know as the elements of harmony and the CMC." Celestia explained.

Its weird that almost everybody mistake Fillies as Foals. Because Foals are boys and Fillies are girls. ( I dont mean to judge u. Dont feel hurt.)

I would put glaring with her wind shield wipers.

4930969 the problem is she is a jet. jets don't have wind shield wipers only cars, trucks, and vans.

4930902 most of there heads do still have there ears but characters like Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash have helmets styled like Optimus, Ironhide, and Bumblebee.

some also will have battle masks like bumblebee from the first three movies or AOE, or a mouth plate like prime.

4930948 huh never know there was a difference:rainbowderp:. looks like i learned something new today.:pinkiehappy:

4930855 i just like the idea of Tarn. (...and i just learned of his existence just like Bludgeon.:twilightsheepish:)

4930948 wait what about colts and stallions?:rainbowhuh:

I was actually referring to how you had her say what Ironhide said in his last fight before Setinel Prime back shot him.

4985047 oh ya, I loved that line. I do want Applejack to fill the role as Ironhide or hound.:pinkiehappy:

You really need fixes on grammar and spelling in this story. I'm sorry, but it's just too uncomfortable to read.

Not a bad start but to add more detail to the chapter.

hi, here is an Email I sent to you today Regarding My little Venom 4 and the Replacement story for Transformers: Secret of the Mane Six: http://www.fimfiction.net/manage_user/messages/8389822
with thanks and hopes up,
From your biggest fan of all time ever,
Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma

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