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Hello everyone! I know I haven't been active for a very long time, but I am hoping to change that. I'm a fan of all things Nintendo, Sonic, I love Gaming, Movies, and TV Shows.


After going into a convention and buying a item from a mysterious merchant, a human suddenly finds himself transformed into his favorite videogame character.... only he was transformed into the baby version of him.....and inside a egg...
After being transformed into a egg, he finds himself in a new world, where one of the rulers of the new world finds and adopts him. Years later while working on a new spell that could revolutionize the world, he makes a miscalculation and sends himself 1000 years into the future. Now he must adapt in a new environment with his adoptive mother who refuses to leave his side, his magic teacher who acts just like his grandmother, a small baby dragon who thinks he's cool, and a purple pony who keeps pestering him...... Who knows how long he'll last before he finally gives up.

Featured in 11/9/15. Thanks for all of the support! You guys are great!
Special thanks to:
Warmaster Ahriman!
Northern Desert!
Regreme for all the help and ideas and let's not forget my buddy m2pt5 for editing this!
Warnings: Displaced story

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After discovering a island that had strangely appeared in the middle of the ocean, Celestia sends a research team to explore the island. Unfortunately, after a week in the island the research team had suddenly disappeared. Worried for their sudden disappearance, Celestia sends the Mane 6 and a team of her best guards to investigate.

On the same island, two humans cosplaying as two characters from the Pikmin series, find themselves lost in a mysterious island filled with nocturnal predators and a few explorer ponies. Now they must work together if they wish to survive.

Warning this is a Pikmin Displaced fic
Co-written with Ditman25
And a special thanks to m2pt5 for editing this!

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Celestia is a fool. She truly believes that peace and harmony could be obtain if we all settle our differences and became friends, she believes that if all of the nations in the world unite to create a 'alliance', that it will improve their people's ideas that we can all be friends. She's a hypocrite, she claims that her ponies are all about 'peace', 'love', and 'tolerance', little does she know that only extends to ponies, to us non ponies we get beaten, feared, hated, and shun.
True peace can only be achieved through power, true harmony can only be achieved if all are united under one single banner. The Illusion Kingdom, my kingdom, will grantee anyone true equality, true love and tolerance, no one will be ridicule simply for not being a pony! The Minotaur's were the only ones to accept and practice my philosophy, and as a result I had been their tactician during their war against the ponies. But soon all will be united under one rule...under one banner.... the fool will soon learn the true meaning of peace and harmony...
"Welcome all my honored guests
To the ultimate duel of the best of the best
At my invitation you come to compete
For the honor of suffering the final defeat~"

A Yugioh Displaced fic.
If you don't like Displaced fics then don't read.

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Queen Chrysalis has just been blasted away with the shield that Shining Armor and Princes Cadence created to send all of the changelings out of Equestria, Chrysalis and her changelings find out that not only are they out of Equestria, but their also in a whole new world. But when a mad man named Fawful mind controls all of her changelings, she has to team up with some rather unlikely allies, to save her changelings.

Takes place during the beginning of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Not all of the story's events will happen the same way has the game haves it, also expect the addition of other Mario characters.

The story is now being continued under a new author, XLR8 Fox

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After running away from home two brothers run across a new shop, interested they decide to look inside. In there they buy two item a big bright yellow ball with orange stars and a small black ball with eyes. Now the two are stuck in a new world full of creatures who are not humans, themselves also non-human, can the older brother protect his younger brother in a world that tries to bring them down or will he fall into madness....


He can't....

Madness is his only true comfort in his endless torture, and now he wishes to spread his pain to everyone, starting with the one who broke him.
Cover image is form deviant art (Don't know who, got the image form google.)
Currently looking for a new home, if you want or know anyone who wants to take over this fic please let me know.

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