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Good friendships can be hard to come by. Sunburst knows this very well, so upon receiving an invitation to spend some quality time with Starlight, he jumps on it without question. Being Flurry Heart’s Crystaller has been more stressful for him than he cares to admit, and it would be nice to be able to sit down with his old friend, and unwind.

However, Stygian, seeking a book in Twilight’s library, interrupts their quality time. To make matters worse, Starlight is soon called away by an emergency at the school, but assures the two that she’ll be back soon.

The only question is… now what?

A Sunburst X Stygian ship[tease]-fic

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Often it is that two ponies will meet and discover an affinity for each other, deciding to spend more and more time together. Time brings familiarity, familiarity brings comfort, and comfort brings happiness.

Two such ponies are Stygian and Sunburst. Following Stygian’s return and subsequent reformation (in which Sunburst played a key role), the two found themselves drawn to one another. Long talks in the library, comparing Sunburst’s knowledge of historical events to Stygian’s memory of the same events, there was a little something that they seemed to enjoy about eachother. After one particularly awkward night, Stygian popped the question, one thing led to another, and now they’ve been officially dating for a good three months.

Today, they’ve gone out to a cafe together. Maybe later they’ll take a look in a used bookstore. Who can say what will happen, until it indeed happens?

A Sunbust X Stygian ship fic.

A mirror is available at Offprint: https://offprint.net/prose/SidemtuF0ETu5OXF8rgGm/two-nerds-walk-into-a-bookstore

Pre-read by the lovely Bicyclette

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This story is a sequel to Spilled Ink

It has been a month since Ink Blot awoke in Equestria. His memories have been restored, though many questions remain. How did he come to Equestria? Can he return home? Is there anything left for him to even return to?

He does not know. He may never know.

But for today, and for every day that will ever come, he chooses to continue to live. For those who could not.

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When the owner's taking the day off, and the baker's out on a delivery, the bakery gets pretty quiet.

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In the forest near Ponyville, somepony stirs. Dazed, he tries to remember himself and comes up short.

He knows should remember something, but it's all hidden behind some sort of mental barrier. There are so many questions, but so little answers. The only thing for him to do is try and find somepony else who can help him. But who would help some random stranger wandering in from the forest? And is his past worth remembering?

This is the story of Ink Blot.

This story takes place after the end of Season 9, but before the future seen in the finale.

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Stay a while and listen, and I will tell you a story. A story of Dungeons and Dragons, of Orcs and Goblins, of Ghouls and Ghosts, of Kings and Quests, but most importantly -- of Wizards and Vamp -- Well... A story of Wizards.

Once upon a time, in a land known as Midgård...

There lived a powerful Wizard named Grimnir, who sought to harness the power of all Magicks -- ancient spells, crafted in times long forgotten. With such knowledge he might enable the wizards of the Order of Magick to spread eternal peace across the lands...

But the Order of Magick instead felt threatened by his ambitions, and in the shadows they schemed, and devised a treacherous plan...

...and so, Grimir's disciples were expelled from the Order, and he himself was, for all time, imprisoned at World's End. All because of his dangerous lust for knowledge.

Grimnir's dangerous ambitions dashed, the world was safe once more... Aside from the increased number of monsters attacking the good villagers.

And of course, the warlord Khan, who had united the orc tribes, and now threatened the great city of Havindr.

But in the dusty gloom of Castle Aldrheim, where the Order of Magick dwelled, a brilliant teacher and his finest pupils were about to embark on a journey that would prevent the world from changing... ... Forever...

The vampire old and powerful wizard Vlad had successfully guided the one to four wizards of various colourations to triumph against Grimnir, destroying both him and the daemon that fed his powers.

The wizard(s) enjoyed a quiet life after returning to Castle Aldrheim, grooming their new grey beards, waxing poetic, lamenting how things used to be, solved a mystery involving missing fish and Cthulhu, and poetically lamenting how Cthulhu wasn't half the eldritch abomination he used to be.

But then miraculously, near the end of their years, a miraculous miracle happened. Their age was miraculously reversed in a miracle to several decades previously, when they were young and spry and capable of saving the world. It was a miracle. A very miraculous miracle.

The one to four wizards quickly gathered up their traveling supplies, which was easy since they never put them away, and gave their farewells to Castle Aldrheim...

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[Warning: Contains spoilers for the games Mass Effect , Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, and the comic Mass Effect: Foundation. Even though the games have been available as a trilogy bundle since 2012, there might still be interested people who haven't played them. The comic is mostly background information that the games don't really cover. The games still cover a lot of lore and other non-essential but interesting info.]

Shepard's Clone needed to know why the original Shepard was so much better than him, even when they were on equal footing. When he goes on a journey to find out just what it is, he ends up landing on an uncharted garden world inhabited by the creatures we all know and love.


Hey, anything will get a fan or two it it's okay enough. Maybe someone will actually like this thing enough to thumb it up, maybe add it to a library? Don't bother, there's better stories out there than this.

On indefinite hiatus due to lack of inspiration.

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