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Good friendships can be hard to come by. Sunburst knows this very well, so upon receiving an invitation to spend some quality time with Starlight, he jumps on it without question. Being Flurry Heart’s Crystaller has been more stressful for him than he cares to admit, and it would be nice to be able to sit down with his old friend, and unwind.

However, Stygian, seeking a book in Twilight’s library, interrupts their quality time. To make matters worse, Starlight is soon called away by an emergency at the school, but assures the two that she’ll be back soon.

The only question is… now what?

A Sunburst X Stygian ship[tease]-fic

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You've got me shipping these two now.

Just as planned 😎

You know what else is planned? More Sungian stories. Hopefully the next one doesn't take me a whole month to finish.

In the meantime, you can read Two Nerds Walk Into a Bookstore

My other, slightly earlier Sungian fic

She shipped it. She hella shipped it.

What, is she the audience now? Are we one with her? Us and Starlight? One and the same?


Anyway good story! I’m glad I read it. Very well written and I liked the interactions between them! Can’t wait for more :)

Also, you should see my notebook, I've just got pages of gay ideas in it. Mostly for these two nerds specifically

Aww, the prequel to the two nerds!! As soon as he said he was looking for census results, I was like, is it Lucent?! And it was! So sweet, I'm so glad to see Sunburst being gentle with heartbroken little Stygian! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Now I interrupt this fan fiction to bring you a special message from the Princess of Friendship's voice actress herself!


It’s very nice that your characterizations fit pleasantly into what I view as their canonical personalities. I’m eagerly awaiting more.

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