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I write when I'm motivated, which, I am disappointed in myself to say, is few and far between, so don't expect chapters often. I'm also a sub par HiE writer that occasionally writes other things.

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When two friends get chased into an odd old temple with strange drawings on the walls, they find a colorful rainbow portal and get sucked into it. Having been found by a mythological creature, they go and help her in her endeavor to save her friend, and stay a bit longer than expected.

Colab with the great and powerful Pen Brush!

Edit: For the time being, Pen has decided to stop working on chapters. I'll keep working, but some characters will be written differently, since I'll be the one writing them instead of Pen.

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Colab with Spyro, he gave me the Idea and voices the character of the same name, give him some love!

Long ago, far before Celestia and Luna came to power, there was an order that worshiped the moon. When Luna gained control over the moon, they worshiped her as a goddess. When she became Nightmare, they learnt dark magic to combat this new threat. As a consequence of this, the order was shunned and hated. Now, 1000 years later, Nightmare moon has awoken, and the last two protectors of the Order of the Moon are here to combat her.

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Magic pervades the land of Equestria, aiding it’s inhabitants. Pegasus ponies are able to soar the skies with great speeds, moving the clouds and controlling the weather. Earth Ponies are more down to earth, having a natural connection to the land, making them the green hooves of the world with an enhanced strength capacity. Unicorns have direct control of the magic pervading Equestria, and it channels through their horns, making them better organized and able to do bigger tasks. Alicorns, who have the abilities of all three races, and use them to their fullest ability. No other species have ever been affected by this magic however, so only the pony races are affected, making many other species jealous of the ponies magic.

Everypony knows this, along with every other species on the planet. But what happens when a member of a brand new species comes to Equestria, and is also affected by this field. This new species isn’t affected like the Pegasi, Earth Ponies, the Unicorns, or even the Alicorns. This new species has survived for 200,000 years, using their greatest talent…

Their Minds.

Featured on 6/11/15. You guys are amazing!
Characters and Tags will be added as the story progresses.
Will have both slice of life and adventure themes, FIMfiction's tagging system doesn't let me tag both though.

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Twilight Sparkle is the newest princess of equestria, but when she was younger she had a best friend who she was inseparable from. When he had to move away though, she swore friends off forever until she met the others in Ponyville, but she never forgot Thunder. Now he is back with a secret, one that could change everything.

Amazing Editing Job Done By Pen Brush, a great author, and an even greater friend, please, check out her works.

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John Smith, the one and only Human In Equestria. He has been there for a few months, and has been feeling, Lonely. He has been craving the touch of another being like himself. One Night, as he gazes at the moon, he wishes for just that. The Next morning, which was the Summer Sun Celebration, a strange female creature, lizard like, but humanoid like John, appears in Ponyville square, completely nude. Because of these slight similarities, John is tasked with getting to know and learning about the "Argonian" as she calls herself. he accepts the task, wanting to get to know her better. Slowly, she opens up to him, and he finds out secrets that she holds. But as he finds out more about her, he begins to connect with her, and their friendship evolves into something more

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Meet John Smith, average guy, average life that has just taken a turn for the worse. He just got fired from his job and now his land lord is out to kill him. He gets trapped in a dark alley, where Princess Celestia comes to save him. Celestia defeats the land lord and his goons. But the land lord gets up and tries to shoot Princess Celestia, but John jumps in front of the Bullet, sacrificing himself to save Princess Celestia. Princess Celestia brings him back to life, but only temporarily. He is given a choice, die on earth, or live in Equestria, but as an Infant. He chooses to go to Equestria, and Princess Celestia takes him in

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In the world of Alagaesia, a Tyrant Queen rules with an Iron hoof, the last of the Dragon Riders. But when an Innocent Farm girl finds a strange stone in The Spine, which turns out the be a dragon egg, she has the choice to save all of Alagaesia from Nightmare Moon.

Yes this is an eragon crossover fic, i made this because ive seen like, only 3 other eragon fics.

I plan to make all 4 books in the inheritance cycle.

In this book, the ponies can stand on their back legs and use the hoof stickiness to use bows and swords, but they can go faster when on 4 legs.

Also, I do not own My little pony or The Inheritance Cycle, those belong to Hasbro and Christopher Paolini respectively.

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Dear Twilight Sparkle,

In your hooves, you hold Starswirl The Bearded's masterpiece. He was unable to finish it. I have full confidence however, that you will be able to finish it.

Your Teacher,
Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia has a mission for her faithful student Twilight Sparkle, to finish one of Starswirl's unfinished spells. But when Derpy Hooves accidentally flies into the library, trying to escape an force invading equestria, and slams into Twilight, interrupting the spell, Twilight and Derpy are thrown into a new world. Watch how they adapt to this world, and along the way, make new friends, solve problems, and maybe, find love.

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Twilight tried an inter-dimensional spell which backfires, causing the whole of equestria to blow up. However, on Earth, a small explosion was picked up at millions of houses across the world.

Once through the portal, twilight and her friends seemed to be rather unexperienced. That's when Jacob is found.

With Ozotade roaming the world, the team must stay quiet and hidden. And make sure not to get caught.

I have taken over this story from Sammahergamer, and I hope to do this story justice.

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