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Thunder Quill

I write when I'm motivated, which, I am disappointed in myself to say, is few and far between, so don't expect chapters often. I'm also a sub par HiE writer that occasionally writes other things.


In the world of Alagaesia, a Tyrant Queen rules with an Iron hoof, the last of the Dragon Riders. But when an Innocent Farm girl finds a strange stone in The Spine, which turns out the be a dragon egg, she has the choice to save all of Alagaesia from Nightmare Moon.

Yes this is an eragon crossover fic, i made this because ive seen like, only 3 other eragon fics.

I plan to make all 4 books in the inheritance cycle.

In this book, the ponies can stand on their back legs and use the hoof stickiness to use bows and swords, but they can go faster when on 4 legs.

Also, I do not own My little pony or The Inheritance Cycle, those belong to Hasbro and Christopher Paolini respectively.

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I have been waiting so long for an Eragon-based fanfiction! :yay::yay::yay::yay:

Yes another Eragon lover! *high five*
I would advise you not to copy directly from the books and instead put your own spin on it, make it original!

Are you going to do your other idea as well?

You should join the Eragon group.

Here is the link.

Hmm, wasn't expecting Twilight to be who you chose to be Arya. Does that mean Applebloom is going to be Eragon?


I was waiting for this kind of story. Pony Eragon. Ponygon?:rainbowhuh:

Ohmygoshomygoshomygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!!!! Somepony finally wrote an Eragon/equestria fanfic!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooo happy!!!! The inheritance series is probably one of my all time favorite book series EVER!!! :pinkiehappy: :flutterrage::pinkiegasp::flutterrage::pinkiehappy: :twilightblush: I'm such a bookworm.

4035822 I agree.

However(to the author), you had a couple of mistakes.

They passed the Thestrals hiding place and the first few urgals without suspicion

I believe you mean Diamond Dogs and there needs to be an ' after the s in Thestral's.

A ball of red flame sprang from his hand and flew towards the Unicorn, fast as an arrow.

I didn't know ponies other than Pinkie could have hands. :ajsmug: (The face means I was joking and was not trying to be mean.)

4035822 I am, but I wish to do this as well, I have another book in the works

4035918 I already have

4036062 No, I was thinking AppleJack, maybe Big mac could be Roran, Still working on characters

4036522 Thanks for spotting those errors, I'll fix them right away.

4036458 Hey, im the same, I grew up reading these stories

4037593 You're welcome. Other than those minor mistakes it is coming along quite well.:ajsmug: I will be watching this story (and its sequels) very closely...

Comment posted by THS Icicle Chill deleted Mar 7th, 2014

A job well done... However, I did see a couple of minor errors.

A silvery cloud... surround him...
... then strode into a glen where he was sure...

I thought Aj was a mare... (being sarcastic)

If she did not... s he would be...

I believe that the s should be next to the he in that sentence, if I'm not mistaken? (being sarcastic again... if you couldn't tell I can be a very sarcastic person)

Anywho, thank you for the chapter! :ajsmug: ... However, before I go, I must advise that you put a disclaimer for the Inheritance cycle... I would just hate it to see you not be able to finish the stories just because of a copyright issue.

It's been a little while since I read the book, but I get the distinct impression that this is just the text of the book transcribed onto a document, with some minor editing and re-writes adjusted to make it MLP-y.

In which case, you are literally copying someone else's work. That's bad for two reasons. It means that someone has already done all the thinking, plotting, and heavy lifting for you, and it's also literally plagiarism.

If you want to continue this story, then I highly suggest that you rethink your approach. A good crossover melds the disparate media organically, and creates a new story using the characters and settings from both sides. This is just Eragon, but with Applejack's name instead of Eragon.

4638477 You would be right...

I have another story, which is more along the lines of what you suggested. I can try to write that some more once I get home from vacation.

YOU KILLED TRIXIE!!!! Also is Durza Rainbow Dash conroled by male spirits?

Comment posted by Thunder Quill deleted Mar 14th, 2019

Yes, and I don't think that's what I had intended.

Good lord, what did anyone see in this story? Its just Eragon re-written word for word with pony names. It's absolute shit.

Fair enough, but I always thought Trixie would make a good Vanir form Eldest. Also maybe make Rainbow Morzan, Ajihad, or King Orrin

You act like this story is ever going to be completed. Sorry to dissapoint you if that's the case, but no. This is dead.

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