The Rainbow Portal

by Thunder Quill


Emily was really annoyed, her mom and dad were banning her from playing soccer unless she got better grades in school, and said she needed a tutor. She didn't get it, it was just history, she knew already about the dictators and the wars, she didn't see what else there was to it besides that. They had kept their threat though, and had banned her from soccer until she got her grade up. This is why she was waiting at a table in the study hall for the tutor she was assigned.

Jason was fairly annoyed. He had been called in for an “emergency” Tutoring session, which was probably going to last most of the year. One of the School’s Star sports players, most likely one of the football jocks who mocked him. While he was angry at being called away from his games, he relished in the irony of those who had mocked him now whining for his help. Jason opened the door and spotted his charge, and It was not who he expected.

The person waiting at the table for him was a girl, She had really short brown hair, her skin was tanned from the sun, and her bored looking eyes were an emerald green. She looked like she could do some damage to him, with how she looked more athletic than normal.

Jason sighed with resignation and walked over, putting on his most polite demeanor as he sat down, “Hello, My name is Jason Schmidt, and I’m going to be your tutor for the foreseeable future.”

The girl looked at him, “Good on ya. I’m not dumb, I just need help with history, I don't need to be told that i’m going to be tutored for most of the semester.” she said, rolling her eyes, leaning back in the chair, “Names Emily.”

Jason sighed, “Just trying to be bloody polite, I never said you were dumb…” He opened his history book, “Let’s begin at page 345, the War of 1812,”

Emily sighed, “All of history is pretty much war...war and death and whatever.” she muttered, opening her own and looking at the text.

To Emily’s surprise, Jason chuckled, “Yeah, history sucks, well, for the most part. Even wars, as horrible as it is, has it’s advantages. Huge medical advances, which save people in war as well as peace.”

Emily grumbled, “Still kills thousands of people.” looking at the book, “Just teach me why I should care about past wars so I can pass this class.”

Jason looked up from the book, an eyebrow raised, “Why should you care? Those who fail to remember the past, are doomed to repeat it.”

Emily looked up at him, “Ever hear the expression history repeats itself? Its going to repeat anyway.”

Jason shrugged, “Maybe, maybe not,” He paused in his reading, before flipping through the book, “It is really that hard to find something about history that did good things without a completely horrible side?” He groaned.

Emily smirked, “Maybe the second world war wouldn't have happened if Hitler got loved for his work or something.” she shrugged.

Jason raised an eyebrow, “Not many people know or even care that Hitler was a painter, all they focus on was his dark side, as it were.”

“I thought it was funny that he went batshit crazy because of his paintings.” Emily replied.

Jason smirked back, “Yeah, that is fairly hilarious.”

“Nice to see a history nut agree with that.” Emily said, smiling.

“History is actually my worst subject.” Jason snorted, “I prefer to deal with the future, new tech, fictional and real.”

Emily laughed, “Why are you a history tutor then? You might not help my grade at all.”

Jason’s smirk grew, “Because I still get an A in it, and while it is fun to learn at times, I still prefer to deal in the future.”

“One of those futuristic guys who watches sci fi all the time then. Better than a guy who is stuck in the past I guess.” Emily shrugged.

“Better believe it,” Jason’s smirk dropped, “You wouldn't believe how much flak I get for being a near Die-Hard Fan of Star Wars.” He muttered.

Emily chuckled, “I tried watching that before, not really interested, can’t keep track of what's going on.” she said, shrugging again, “Can we get on with the tutoring please?”

Jason nodded, “Yeah, sure.” He said, starting the tutoring session.